AT BOUNDARY’S EDGE – An Introduction

Welcome, one and all, to At Boundary’s Edge, your new SF review and opinion site.

If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy (and if you’re not, I hope you soon will be) then you’ve probably seen dozens of fantasy review sites out there. Great ones. But not so many for SF.

I, Alex Hormann, being of fairly sound mind and in possession of too much time, have taken it upon myself to correct this imbalance. Thus, At Boundary’s Edge has been born.

This blog will be home to reviews of all things SF, primarily books, but also film, games, TV and RPGs, from stone cold classics to those modern masters pushing the boundaries of the genre. Whether it’s Space Opera, Tomorrow Fiction, Tech Thriller, Military SF anything in between, you’ll find it At Boundary’s Edge.

So stick along for the ride, strap yourself in, and let’s see where this crazy rocket takes us.

Published by Alex Hormann

I'm a writer, reader, and farmer, with an interest in all things speculative.

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