Online Communities: More Harm Than Good?

There is one great joy that all fans of science fiction should get to experience at least once, and that is meeting someone with the same taste in genre as you. But science fiction is, no matter what the success of certain blockbuster films may have lead you to expect, quite a small niche. It’sContinue reading “Online Communities: More Harm Than Good?”

What Should I Write About?

It’s a question that comes to me at least once a week. Not from any outside source, but from inside my own head. You see, this is a blog where I write about science fiction. Unless you’re totally new here (in which case, welcome) you probably knew that already. But science fiction covers a wholeContinue reading “What Should I Write About?”

THE EDGELORD PROBLEM: What is it, and how do we fix it?

I’ve written previously on the problems with including evil characters in a group dynamic. Today’s article is something a follow-up to that, spurred by a recent discussion with my regular RPG group. And the issue I’ll be focusing on is the problem of the Edgelord character type.  Two things first. One, my RPg experience tends toContinue reading “THE EDGELORD PROBLEM: What is it, and how do we fix it?”

A Troublesome Trope: My Issue With Found Families

-this article contains minor spoilers for season 4 of Killjoys- ‘We’re more than that, we’re a family.’ It’s a line that could come from any number of films, TV shows or books. Fast & Furious really kicked off the notion of found families, and these days it seems like everyone is following suit. From Guardians of theContinue reading “A Troublesome Trope: My Issue With Found Families”

HOW ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?: Evil Characters and the Group Dynamic

-This article contains spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic and Dark Matter– One of my chief hobbies outside of reading and watching TV is role-playing games. In particular, I enjoy running them for other people. One discussion that recently came up in my regular group regarded the nature of evil characters, and why IContinue reading “HOW ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?: Evil Characters and the Group Dynamic”


Here’s the thing: A good story is a good story, regardless of context. That’s why you can enjoy a Lovecraft story without being a frothing-at-the-mouth, anti-semitic, homophobic racist. But this opinion piece isn’t about the separation of art from artist, that’s for another time. Today I want to talk about canon. The 2015 release ofContinue reading “CANON, CONTINUITY & CONTROVERSY”