BOOK REVIEW: Eyes of the Void, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

The Final Architecture (#2) Published by Tor Books First published in 2022 A grand Space Opera 576 pages The Architects have returned, but only Idris knows the terrifying truth. That something is controlling them. His quest for answers leads him deep into alien space. But even Idris cannot escape humanity. Nor the war that isContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Eyes of the Void, by Adrian Tchaikovsky”

HARD SF: Science Fiction For Your Inner Nerd

What Is Hard Science Fiction? You can’t have science fiction without science. It’s right there in the name, and even the loosest, goosiest approach to the genre still has some science in it. Star Wars might be full of space wizards, but it also has robots. Even the much maligned (by me) science fantasy, retainsContinue reading “HARD SF: Science Fiction For Your Inner Nerd”

BOOK REVIEW: Elder Race, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

A standalone novella Published by in 2021 Science Fantasy 198 pages When a demonic force ravages a nearby realm, Lynesse knows there is only one man who can save her world. But Nyr is not the sorcerer she thinks him to be, and his people’s highest principle is one of non-interference . . .Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Elder Race, by Adrian Tchaikovsky”

BOOK REVIEW: Day of Ascension, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

A standalone novel Focuses on the Genestealer Cults and the Adeptus Mechanicus Published by Black Library in 2022 Grimdark SF 196 pages ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ascension Day nears, and the Adeptus Mechanicus are ready to enjoy their moment of triumph. But their control over the forge world of Morod is not as secure as they believe. InContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Day of Ascension, by Adrian Tchaikovsky”

Science Fiction Books I’d Like To Reread

I’m not much of a rereader. When it comes to books, there are already far more than I can keep up with. More than anyone could hope to read in a lifetime. I’ma  fairly quick reader, and it’s been several years since I didn’t have a stack of books waiting to be read for theContinue reading “Science Fiction Books I’d Like To Reread”

BOOK REVIEW: Shards of Earth, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Series: The Final Architecture (#1) Publisher: Tor Genre: Space Opera Pages: 533 Publication Date: 27/05/2021 Verdict: 5/5 The Architects destroyed Earth, and nearly eradicated the human race. Idris helped end that war. A generation has passed since then, and now Idris is being sought by powers that want to use him as a weapon. There areContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Shards of Earth, by Adrian Tchaikovsky”

BOOK REVIEW: One Day All This Will Be Yours, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Publisher: Solaris Genre: Time Travel Pages: 138 Publication Date: 04/03/2021 Verdict: 5/5   At the end of time, there is a man. The last survivor of a war that has destroyed history. Alone for eternity, the man eats, sleeps, farms, and feeds his pet Allosaurus. He also does everything he can to keep a singleContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: One Day All This Will Be Yours, by Adrian Tchaikovsky”

TBR and Beyond: June 2021

Welcome to the first in a new series of posts entitled TBR and beyond. On the last of the year, I make a list of all the science fiction material coming out in the year ahead. You can find the 2021 version by clicking on this link. The problem is that publication dates shift aroundContinue reading “TBR and Beyond: June 2021”

THE WISHLIST: Second Chances and Reexaminations

A little while ago I made a list of Heavy Hitters: Big names in the SF world that I wanted to try out. I started thinking of that list when I thought about authors I hadn’t read but wanted to, but as the list developed, I realised a lot of those names were authors I’dContinue reading “THE WISHLIST: Second Chances and Reexaminations”

BOOK REVIEW: Bear Head, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

-spoilers for Dogs of War- Publisher: Head of Zeus Series: Dogs of War (#2) Genre: Social SF Pages: 389 Publication Date: 05/01/2021 Verdict: 3/5 Life on Mars is tough, even when you’ve been engineered to live there. And Jimmy’s life is about to get even worse, because an AI claiming to be a bear isContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Bear Head, by Adrian Tchaikovsky”