Are YOU a Book Snob?

Something I’ve seen coming up time and again, though moreso in recent months, are articles about elitism and snobbery in the world of books. Now, i’ve been on the receiving end of this snobbery myself. Through several years of university, I had (well, chose) to fight back against academics who thought genre fiction wasn’t worthwhile. AContinue reading “Are YOU a Book Snob?”

FANDOM, FILK & FUN: Carmen Miranda’s Ghost

  Last year, a friend shared a link to a song. “Carmen Miranda’s ghost,” the song began, “is haunting Space Station Three.” The quality was terrible, having originally been recorded from damaged cassette tape, but I was intrigued. When the playlist revealed an entire album of these weird songs, I was immediately hooked. The albumContinue reading “FANDOM, FILK & FUN: Carmen Miranda’s Ghost”

BOOK REVIEW: Cauldron of Ghosts, by David Weber & Eric Flint

-Major spoilers abound for all previous books in the Honorverse. Click here for a full index of reviews- Publisher: Baen Series: Crown of Slaves (#3) Genre: Space Opera Pages: 823 Publication Date: 2014 Verdict: 2/5 The Mesan Alignment’s conspiracy to bring a new order to the Galaxy has been exposed. But as old alliances areContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Cauldron of Ghosts, by David Weber & Eric Flint”