BOOK REVIEW: Cytonic, by Brandon Sanderson

Hold up, this is a sequel! You can find my review of Starsight by clicking here. Series: Skyward (3) Publisher: Gollancz Genre: Space Opera Pages: 409 Publication Date: 27/11/2021 Verdict: 3/5   Fleeing the Superiority, Spensa has arrived in the Nowhere, a realm beyond the physical universe. Stranded and alone, Spensa must find a way home.Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Cytonic, by Brandon Sanderson”

AUDIO REVIEW: Lux, by Brandon Sanderson & Steven Michael Bohls

Narrator: MacLeod Andrews Series: Texas Reckoners (#1) Genre: Superhero Publisher: Mainframe Runtime: 13hrs 56mins Release Date: 22/07/2021 Verdict: 3/5 The day his brother died, Jax swore an oath to destroy the Epics – the superpowered villains who now rule the world. Throwing himself in with a resistance group called the Reckoners, he trains as anContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Lux, by Brandon Sanderson & Steven Michael Bohls”

AUDIO REVIEW: The Original, by Brandon Sanderson & Mary Robinette Kowal

Genre: SF Crime Publisher: Mainframe Runtime: 3hrs 24mins Narrator: Julia Whelan Release Date: 14/09/2020 Verdict: 4/5 Holly Winseed wakes up in a hospital to find that her husband is dead, and that she was the killer. Or at least, her original was. The new Holly is a clone, and now has only days to bringContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: The Original, by Brandon Sanderson & Mary Robinette Kowal”