BOOK REVIEW: The Helwinter Gate, by Chris Wraight

Space Wolves/Jarnhamar Pack (#3) Focuses on the Space Wolves Published by Black Library in 2020 Space Opera 421 pages The Imperium stands on the brink of ruin, with Cadia under siege and the servants of Chaos spilling through the Eye of Terror. Into this inferno comes the Jarnhamar pack, who may just have accumulated tooContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Helwinter Gate, by Chris Wraight”

BOOK REVIEW: Bloodlines, by Chris Wraight

–click here for a full list of all my Warhammer 40,000 content– Publisher: Black Library Genre: Crime/Grimdark Pages: 311 Publication Date: 2020 Verdict: 4/5 In the sprawling city of Varangantua, lawman Agusto Zidarov is tasked with finding the missing son of a wealthy family. But this missing person case leads Zidarov into the murky worldContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Bloodlines, by Chris Wraight”