HARD SF: Science Fiction For Your Inner Nerd

What Is Hard Science Fiction? You can’t have science fiction without science. It’s right there in the name, and even the loosest, goosiest approach to the genre still has some science in it. Star Wars might be full of space wizards, but it also has robots. Even the much maligned (by me) science fantasy, retainsContinue reading “HARD SF: Science Fiction For Your Inner Nerd”

BOOK REVIEW: Of Ants and Dinosaurs, by Cixin Liu

Translator: Elizabeth Hanlon Publisher: Head of Zeus Genre: Alternative History/Social SF Pages: 249 Publication Date: 2020 Verdict: 5/5   The Cretaceous Era. Two great empires coexist in peace. But while the ants and the dinosaurs have achieved great things together, the differences between them are great. Can this alliance survive, or will doubt and suspicionContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Of Ants and Dinosaurs, by Cixin Liu”

Science Fiction Books I’d Like To Reread

I’m not much of a rereader. When it comes to books, there are already far more than I can keep up with. More than anyone could hope to read in a lifetime. I’ma  fairly quick reader, and it’s been several years since I didn’t have a stack of books waiting to be read for theContinue reading “Science Fiction Books I’d Like To Reread”

BOOK REVIEW: Hold Up The Sky, by Cixin Liu

Translators: John Chu, Adam Lanphier, Joel Martinsen, Carmen Yiling Yan, Publisher: Head of Zeus Genre: Social SF Pages: 334 Publication Date: 01/10/2020 (this translation) Rating: 4/5   With Hold Up the Sky, Head of Zeus continue their excellent track record of putting out English translations of Chinese SF. This particular collection stems from the penContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Hold Up The Sky, by Cixin Liu”