BOOK REVIEW: Nophek Gloss, by Essa Hansen

–spoilers– Series: The Graven (#1) Publisher: Orbit Genre: Space Opera Pages: 384 Publication Date: 17/11/2020 Verdict: 3/5   Caiden is a teenager when he sees his world destroyed, and his family slaughtered before his eyes. When he stumbles across a mysterious ship and a crew of strangers, he finds himself faced with a choice. BuildContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Nophek Gloss, by Essa Hansen”


There’s an old joke that reading books and collecting books are two very different hobbies, and like so many readers, I buy books long before I get around to reading them. I try and keep on top of things, but newer, shinier books will always come along and push others further down my priority list.Continue reading “TALES FROM THE TBR TOWER: March 2021”