BOOK REVIEW: The Fuzzy Papers, by H. Beam Piper

An Omnibus edition of Little Fuzzy and Fuzzy Sapiens Published by Futura Omnibus first published in 1979 A classic social SF adventure 409 pages Zarathustra belongs to the Company, whose charter dictates they can do as they please with its resources. But when a native being shows signs of sapience, the inevitable question is broughtContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Fuzzy Papers, by H. Beam Piper”

Five Underappreciated Science Fiction Books from Yesteryear

The past hundred years have seen a lot of science fiction, and while some go on to become absolute classics, far more fade into obscurity. Now I’m not going to claim that this article contains the most obscure books in the world. By definition, some books are so obscure I won’t have heard of them.Continue reading “Five Underappreciated Science Fiction Books from Yesteryear”