BOOK REVIEW: The Best of Kuttner 1

Back in the day, science fiction was almost entirely ruled by the magazine industry. Names like Astounding, Amazing Stories, and Analog are but the alphabetical tip of the iceberg here. If you wanted to take a shot at science fiction writing, submitting to these magazines was the best bet. Editors such as John W. CampbellContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Best of Kuttner 1”

AUDIO REVIEW: Death Troopers, by Joe Schreiber

Narrated by Sean Kenin A Standalone Novel Part of the Expanded Universe/Legends canon This audio version published 2022 Zombies. In. Space. 6hrs 41min The Imperial prison barge Purge. Home to five hundred prisoners ranging from rebels to murderers, now drifts in space. As a deadly plague ravages the inmate population, the survivors are forced toContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Death Troopers, by Joe Schreiber”

SPSFC FINALIST REVIEW: Iron Truth, by S.A. Tholin

The time is finally upon us. The SPSFC has reached the finals, and we have a finalist review here for you today. This one is of S.A. Tholin’s Iron Truth. This book has an SPSFC rating of 5.25 out of 10. Here’s my full review. I am a solo blogger. Always have been, probably alwaysContinue reading “SPSFC FINALIST REVIEW: Iron Truth, by S.A. Tholin”

BOOK REVIEW: The Last Astronaut, by David Wellington

A Standalone Novel Published by Orbit First published in 2019 A Horror-fuelled First Contact 361 pages Sally Jansen was the last astronaut. When a mission went wrong and astronauts died, it was Jansen who shouldered the blame. But when a mysterious object approaches the Earth, it is Jansen who must lead the mission to makeContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Last Astronaut, by David Wellington”

AUDIO REVIEW: The Clone Masters

A Big Finish production Full cast, including Jan Chappell, Sally Knyvette, Stephen Grief, and Brian Croucher Written by Tim Foley Approximately 3 hours Released in December 2021 In all the galaxy, there are few groups as enigmatic as the Clone Masters. When these mysterious genetic engineers need to elect a new leader, it comes toContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: The Clone Masters”

BOOK REVIEW: The Deacon of Wounds, by David Annandale

A standalone novel in the Warhammer Horror range Focuses on the Imperial clergy Published by Black Library in 2021 A slow, psychological horror 203 pages Theotokos is a world on the brink of death. First comes the drought that wipes out all cities but one. Then comes the deadly sickness known as the Grey Tears.Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Deacon of Wounds, by David Annandale”

SPSFC SEMI-FINALIST REVIEW: Shadows of Mars, by I. O. Adler

For the past few months, we’ve been reading six more semi-finalists from the inaugural SPSFC. Today we’ve got the fourth full review of these six, which is of I. O. Adler’s Shadows of Mars. This book has an SPSFC rating of 6.50 out of 10, and is reviewed here by my co-judge Ryan. It wasContinue reading “SPSFC SEMI-FINALIST REVIEW: Shadows of Mars, by I. O. Adler”

BOOK REVIEW: The Bookkeeper’s Skull, by Justin D Hill

A standalone novel A Warhammer Horror novel Published by Black Library in 2022 SF Horror 200 pages ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It’s Rudgard Howe’s first day on the job. As an enforcer, it’s his duty to ensure all Imperial tithe’s are gathered on time. But this year’s harvest is not going to plan. Something malevolent stalks the farmsteads.Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Bookkeeper’s Skull, by Justin D Hill”

BOOK REVIEW: Force and Motion, by Jeffrey Lang

A standalone novel Part of the Litverse Deep Space Nine Relaunch Published by Pocket Books in 2016 Space Opera with a dash of Horror 337 pages ⭐⭐ Responding to a call from an old friend, Miles O’Brien visits Robert Hooke station, where science and danger go hand in hand. But what exactly is The Mother?Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Force and Motion, by Jeffrey Lang”

Quick Reviews: The November Black Libary Round-Up

Black Library has put out some excellent novels this year, of which I have reviewed some.  But in November, their best releases were of a shorter nature. Here’s a quick round-up of four novellas and two audio dramas I think you should try out. Fresh from her debut Honourbound, rising star of the forty-first millennium RachelContinue reading “Quick Reviews: The November Black Libary Round-Up”