A year and a half ago, I made two posts in which I added authors to a wishlist. Unlike some people I know, I don’t count a book as being on my TBR unless I actually own it. The wishlist represents books and authors that I want to read, but don’t currently own. The firstContinue reading “THE WISHLIST: Revisited”

BOOK REVIEW: Light Chaser, by Peter F. Hamilton & Gareth L. Powell

A standalone novella Published by in 2021 Hard SF with a lot of romance 173 pages Amahle spends her life travelling the universe, collecting stories and memories from the hundreds of scattered human worlds. But one memory keeps returning, that of a man who knows her, and claims she is in terrible danger .Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Light Chaser, by Peter F. Hamilton & Gareth L. Powell”

BOOK REVIEW: Fallen Dragon, by Peter F. Hamilton

Publisher: Pan MacMillan Genre: Space Opera Pages: 808 Publication Date: 2001 Verdict: 3/5 Lawrence Newton has given everything to the Zantiu-Braun company, and has received nothing in return. Finally growing tired, he sets off on a rogue mission to make himself the richest man in the galaxy . . . Peter F. Hamilton is one ofContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Fallen Dragon, by Peter F. Hamilton”

THE WISHLIST: Second Chances and Reexaminations

A little while ago I made a list of Heavy Hitters: Big names in the SF world that I wanted to try out. I started thinking of that list when I thought about authors I hadn’t read but wanted to, but as the list developed, I realised a lot of those names were authors I’dContinue reading “THE WISHLIST: Second Chances and Reexaminations”

THE WISHLIST: Heavy Hitters of Science Fiction

I consider myself pretty well-read when it comes to science fiction. Look at my shelves and you’ll see a lot of the big names. Asimov, Herbert, Scalzi, Weber. There’s tie-in novels for Star Trek, Star Wars, and more. Then there’s books no one else seems to have heard of. Michael Mammay, Christopher Ruocchio, H. BeamContinue reading “THE WISHLIST: Heavy Hitters of Science Fiction”