AUDIO REVIEW: Refugees from the Otherworld, by Psyche Corporation

The 1st full-length album from Psyche Corp Featuring guest vocals from Paul Shapera 48 minutes and 27 seconds As to genre, your guess is as good as mine Released on 09/06/2022 Decades after interdimensional fairy creatures spilled into the human world, two students attend the world famous Phoenix Medical School. But will Diana and LucContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Refugees from the Otherworld, by Psyche Corporation”

AUDIO REVIEW: Army of Dreamers, by Poison Garden

Click here for more music-related content The 2nd full-length album from Poison Garden 40 minutes and 34 seconds Steampunk Rock Released on 21/04/2022 I don’t think there’s a literary genre that has taken to music quite so well as steampunk. Yes, there is a lot of crossover between epic fantasy and power metal,, but steampunk’sContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Army of Dreamers, by Poison Garden”

AUDIO REVIEW: 1896, by Steam Powered Giraffe

  Label: Independently Released Genre: Steampunk/Caberet/Soul Tracks: 12 Runtime: 50 minutes Release Date: 09/11/2020 Verdict: 4/5 How does one explain Steam Powered Giraffe to the uninitiated? On the one hand, they’re a group of family and friends who make catchy tunes about random things. On the other, they are a trio of steam-powered robots reprurposedContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: 1896, by Steam Powered Giraffe”