Boundy Awards 2019

Today marks a full year since I started this blog. While there have been times it felt more like a chore than a hobby, overall it’s been fun. It’s brought me into conversation with both creators and fans from across the SF community, and I know at least one person has picked up a bookContinue reading “Boundy Awards 2019”

AUDIO REVIEW: The Green Life, by David Llewelyn

Series: Torchwood (#26) Genre: SF Horror Publisher: Big Finish Runtime: 75mins Cast: John Barrowman, Katy Manning, Stewart Bevan Verdict: 5/5 Proper food. Proper grub. The small Welsh town of Llanfairfach has become the centre of a food revolution. But if all is what it seems, why is Torchwood investigating? I’m a massive fan of theContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: The Green Life, by David Llewelyn”