WRITING UPDATE: Themes I Keep Coming Back To

As I start planning out my next project, I’m starting to think in terms of themes and ideas. I have characters, I have settings, what I need is a big idea. A concept to tie it all together. Then I can hash out the plot properly. There’s an old saying that ideas are the easyContinue reading “WRITING UPDATE: Themes I Keep Coming Back To”

WRITING UPDATE: Knowing When To Quit

It was all going so well. I had a fully drawn-up plan, I was halfway to my goal of 90,000 words, I had memorable characters, an interesting setting, some weighty themes, and I was approaching the pivotal scene I’d been planning for over a month. Then I hit a slight snag. The scene didn’t work.Continue reading “WRITING UPDATE: Knowing When To Quit”


On Sunday, I wrote 3000 words. More than I’d written in the previous four months. Oh, I’d written a few thousand here and there, but nothing that still looked acceptable the next day. Certainly nothing I’d count as progress in any meaningful way.  But then work quietened down a little (here on the farm, lambingContinue reading “WRITING UPDATE: Back To The Grind”

HALFWAY THERE: An Update From The Author

NaNoWriMo 2020 has come and gone, with all its usual emphasis on wordcounts and getting things done. As has become tradition for me, I’ve used the pressure of social media to galavanise myself into hammering away at the current project. Last year I managed the full 50,000 words. This year my monthly total was onlyContinue reading “HALFWAY THERE: An Update From The Author”

KEEP ON KEEPING ON: An Update from the Writer’s Desk

As of this weekend, I have finished my fourth novel. And it is not a good one. A Tally of My Sins was an expansion of ideas that have been with me for years now, dealing with the nature of civilisation, the way in which history is always being rewritten, and the conflict between individual andContinue reading “KEEP ON KEEPING ON: An Update from the Writer’s Desk”