BOOK REVIEW: Cytonic, by Brandon Sanderson

Hold up, this is a sequel! You can find my review of Starsight by clicking here. Series: Skyward (3) Publisher: Gollancz Genre: Space Opera Pages: 409 Publication Date: 27/11/2021 Verdict: 3/5   Fleeing the Superiority, Spensa has arrived in the Nowhere, a realm beyond the physical universe. Stranded and alone, Spensa must find a way home.Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Cytonic, by Brandon Sanderson”

AUDIO REVIEW: Lux, by Brandon Sanderson & Steven Michael Bohls

Narrator: MacLeod Andrews Series: Texas Reckoners (#1) Genre: Superhero Publisher: Mainframe Runtime: 13hrs 56mins Release Date: 22/07/2021 Verdict: 3/5 The day his brother died, Jax swore an oath to destroy the Epics – the superpowered villains who now rule the world. Throwing himself in with a resistance group called the Reckoners, he trains as anContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Lux, by Brandon Sanderson & Steven Michael Bohls”

AUDIO REVIEW: Ahsoka, by E.K. Johnston

-You can find the rest of my Star Wars content by clicking here- -This review contains some minor spoilers. Proceed with caution- Read By: Ashley Eckstein Genre: Space Opera Publisher: Disney Runtime: 7hrs 4m Release Date: 11/10/2016 Verdict: 4/5 Ahsoka Tano has turned her back on the Jedi. But as the newly founded Empire tightensContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Ahsoka, by E.K. Johnston”

BOOK REVIEW: Starsight, by Brandon Sanderson

-Spoilers for Skyward, and mild spoilers for Starsight- Publisher: Gollancz Series: Skyward (2) Genre: Space Opera Pages: 457 Publication Date: 28/11/2019 Verdict: 5/5 Spensa has uncovered the truth. That the aliens who assault her world are in fact jailers with all of humanity as their prisoners. When an opportunity presents itself to infiltrate the enemyContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Starsight, by Brandon Sanderson”