The Dune Reread Index

For Isaac Asimov’s centenary year, I reread the Foundation saga in chronological order. Yet what I did not realise was that 2020 also marked the 100th anniversary of another SF master – Frank Herbert. While I don’t enjoy Dune quite as much as Foundation, there’s no denying it’s a monumental series. Especially when you consider the extra novels written by Herbert’s son Brian, working alongside the legendary Kevin J. Anderson. With that in mind, for 2021 I’m committing myself to a chronological reread of the entire Dune saga. That is internal chronological order, rather than release order. There are two exceptions to this.

First: I’ll be beginning with the Tales of Dune anthology. This contains stories that cover all eras of Dune, but the earliest is set prior to the Butlerian Jihad.

Second: I will not be rereading Duke of Caladan as I only read it a month ago and it is still fresh in my mind. Lady of Caladan I will read whenever it comes out, which will likely be after its placement in the series. Heir of Caladan will have to wait until 2022.

Tales of Dune 

Sands of Dune (forthcoming)

Legends of Dune #1: The Butlerian Jihad

Legends of Dune #2: The Machine Crusade

Legends of Dune #3: The Battle of Corrin

The Schools of Dune #1: Sisterhood of Dune

The Schools of Dune #2: Mentats of Dune

The Schools of Dune #3: Navigators of Dune

Prelude to Dune #1: House Atreides

Prelude to Dune #2: House Harkonnen

Prelude to Dune #3: House Corrino

Caladan #1: The Duke of Caladan

Caladan #2: The Lady of Caladan

Caladan #3: The Heir of Caladan (forthcoming 2022)

Dune Chronicles #1: Dune

Heroes of Dune #1:Paul of Dune

Dune Chronicles #2: Dune Messiah

Heroes of Dune #2: The Winds of Dune

Dune Chronicles #3: Children of Dune

Dune Chronicles #4: God Emperor of Dune

Dune Chronicles #5; Heretics of Dune

Dune Chronicles #6: Chapterhouse Dune

Dune Chronicles #7: Hunters of Dune

Dune Chronicles #8: Sandworms of Dune

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