The Foundation Reread Index

Isaac Asimov’s Foundation was among the first SF novels I read, and the one that hooked me on the genre. In 2020, the year Asimov would have turned 100, I have set myself the challenge of rereading the Foundation universe in chronological order. The reading order is listed below, with reviews being added as I complete each book. But first, three pieces of housekeeping.

  1. While there are dozens of short stories that take place or could take place in the Foundation universe, notably Mirror Image, I have limited the list to those directly referenced within the larger canon. These stories are often brilliant, I simply don’t have time to review each one individually.
  2. The Second Foundation Trilogy by David Brin, Gregory Benford and Greg Cox, while authorised by the Asimov estate does not appear on this list. Mostly so I don’t have to suffer through Voltaire again. However, the second and third instalments in that trilogy are actually very good. Foundation’s Triumph may even be one of the best shared universe books there is. Again, I cut these out partly for clarity, and partly for timekeeping.
  3. Likewise, other authorised, semi-authorised or unauthorised Foundation books will not be included. This includes Isaac Asimov’s Robot City, Isaac Asimov’s Utopia by Roger MacBride Allen, and the Micky Zucker Reicherd I, Robot novels.

The chronological ordering of books is below. Click the links once they’re added to reach the individual reviews.

The End of Eternity

I, Robot

The Positronic Man (with Robert Silverberg)


Robots #1: The Caves of Steel

Robots #2: The Naked Sun

Robots #3: The Robots of Dawn

Robots #4: Robots and Empire

Galactic Empire #2: The Stars Like Dust

Galactic Empire #3: The Currents of Space

Galactic Empire #1: Pebble in the Sky

Foundation Prequel #1: Prelude to Foundation

Foundation Prequel #2: Forward the Foundation

Foundation #1: Foundation

Foundation #2: Foundation and Empire

Foundation #3: Second Foundation

Foundation #4: Foundation’s Edge

Foundation #5: Foundation and Earth

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