The HALO Index


HALO is most famous as a videogame franchise. Certainly that is how I first heard of it. Almost two decades ago, I played a snippet of it at a relative’s house. For a long time, that was it. Then I started looking for new literary universes to explore, and HALO came up again and again. It’s military SF, with an involved storyline, and a willingness to grapple with some big and meaty science fiction concepts. What more could I want?

I ended 2022 by playing through the games for the first time, an endeavour that carried me into 2023. Obviously, books ang games are very different mediums, but I liked what I saw. So in 2023 I’m taking the plunge and diving into the Halo universe. There are a couple of series running through the larger setting, and a fair few standalones too. I’m going to tackle as much as I can, and anything Halo related will be gathered here for ease of reference.

Since a lot of the books have dates and timestamps in them, it makes sense to me to list them in chronological order. For the most part, this is how I’ll be trying to read the books available to me, but I might end up skipping around a bit too. Regardless, you can find links to all my HALO content below.

Chronological Reading Order

Evolutions (Anthology)

Fractures (Anthology)

The Forerunner Saga #1: Cryptum (Novel by Greg Bear)

The Forerunner Saga #2: Primordium (Novel by Greg Bear)

The Forerunner Saga #3: Silentum (Novel by Greg Bear)

Contact Harvest (Novel by Joseph Staten)

Master Chief #1: Silent Storm (Novel by Troy Denning)

Master Chief #2: Oblivion (Novel by Troy Denning)

Gray Team #1: The Cole Protocol (Novel by Tobias Buckell)

Halo: Reach (Game)

The Fall of Reach (Novel by Eric Nylund)

Halo: Combat Evolved (Game)

The Flood (Novelisation by William C. Dietz)

First Strike (Novel by Eric Nylund)

Halo 2 (Game)

Broken Circle (Novel by John Shirley)

Halo 3: ODST (Game)

Ghosts of Onyx (Novel by Eric Nylund)

Halo 3 (Game)

Kilo-Five #1: Glasslands (Novel by Karen Traviss)

Kilo-Five #2: The Thursday War (Novel by Karen Traviss)

Kilo-Five #3: Mortal Dictata (Novel by Karen Traviss)

The Ferrets #1: Last Light (Novel by Troy Denning)

The Ferrets #2: Retribution (Novel by Troy Denning)

Alpha-Six #1: New Blood (Novel by Matt Forbeck)

Hunters in the Dark (Novel by Peter David)

Rion Forge #1: Smoke & Shadow (Novella by Kelly Gay)

Rion Forge #2: Renegades (Novel by Kelly Gay)

Halo 4 (Game)

Rion Forge #3: Point of Light (Novel by Kelly Gay)

Gray Team #2: Envoy (Novel by Tobias Buckell)

Halo 5 (Game)

Legacy of Onyx (Novel by Matt Forbeck)

Alpha-Six #2: Bad Blood (Novel by Matt Forbeck)

Master Chief #3: Shadows of Reach (Novel by Troy Denning)

The Ferrets #3: Divine Wind (Novel by Troy Denning)

The Rubicon Protocol (Novel by Kelly Gay)

Halo Infinite (Game)

Outcasts (Novel by Troy Denning) Forthcoming

Epitaph (Novel by Kelly Gay) Forthcoming

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