The Honorverse Readthrough Index

David Weber’s Honorverse is a sprawling, multi-series military space opera of epic proportions. Reading through the entire saga is going to take me a while, but any reviews or articles that relate to the Honorverse will be added here.

The list below shows all novels in internal chronological order. For publication date and series order, check the reviews themselves. Not included are the YA Star Kingdom trilogy, or the multi-author anthologies.

For those looking for a good place to start, I recommend either A Call To Duty for chronological order, or On Basilisk Station for publication/series order.

Manticore Ascendant #1: A Call To Duty (with Timothy Zahn)

Manticore Ascendant #2: A Call To Arms (With Timothy Zahn & Thomas Pope)

Manticore Ascendant #3:A Call To Vengeance (With Timothy Zahn & Thomas Pope)

Manticore Ascendant #4: A Call To Insurrection  (With Timothy Zahn & Thomas Pope)

Honor Harrington #1: On Basilisk Station

Honor Harrington #2: The Honor Of The Queen

Honor Harrington #3: The Short Victorious War

Honor Harrington #4: Field Of Dishonor

Honor Harrington #5: Flag In Exile

Honor Harrington #6: Honor Among Enemies

Honor Harrington #7: In Enemy Hands

Honor Harrington #8: Echoes Of Honor

Honor Harrington #9: Ashes Of Victory

Honor Harrington #10: War Of Honor

Crown of Slaves #1: Crown Of Slaves (with Eric Flint)

Saganami Island #1: The Shadow Of Saganami

Honor Harrington #11; At All Costs

Saganami Island #2: Storm From The Shadows

Crown of Slaves #2: Torch of Freedom (with Eric Flint)

Honor Harrington #12: Mission Of Honor

Honor Harrington #13: A Rising Thunder

Saganami Island #3: Shadow Of Freedom

Crown of Slaves #3: Cauldron Of Ghosts (With Eric Flint)

Saganami Island #4: Shadow Of Victory

Honor Harrington #14: Uncompromising Honor

Crown of Slaves #4: To End in Fire (with Eric Flint)

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