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I’m something of a lapsed Star Wars fan. I grew up with the Prequel trilogy (loved them) and dived right into the Expanded Universe. Back in the day, I read just about everything they put out, and the X-Wing novels were some of the first adult fiction I remember reading. It was some time in the years before Disney’s takeover that I scaled back my reading. Too many stories centered on the same force-focused clash of the Skywalker-Solo family. After Disney’s acquisition of the franchise, I of course watched the Sequel trilogy (some pretty major flaws, but I really enjoyed watching all three) and the spin-offs (Rogue One and Solo are two of my favourite pieces of Star Wars media). With a reduced canon, I’m slowly getting back into that Galaxy far, far away. I’m hoping to boost the Star Wars content here At Boundary’s Edge, and anything I review or post will be gathered here. There are two sections, one for the old Expanded Universe (now labelled Legends) and one for anything since the Disney takeover.

Expanded Universe/Legends Canon

The 7 Best Standalone Novels of the Expanded Universe

Death Troopers (Audiobook by Joe Schreiber)

Rogue Squadron #1: Rogue Squadron (Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole)

Rogue Squadron #2: Wedge’s Gamble (Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole)

Rogue Squadron #3: The Krytos Trap (Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole)

Rogue Squadron #4: The Bacta War (Audiobook by Michael A. Stackpole)

The Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy (Novels by Michael P. Kube-McDowell)

Disney-era Canon

Visions: Ronin (Audiobook by Emma Mieko Candon)

The High Republic: Tempest Runner (Audio Drama by Cavan Scott)

Dooku: Jedi Lost (Audio Drama by Cavan Scott)

Master & Apprentice (Novel by Claudia Gray)

Thrawn: Ascendancy #1: Chaos Rising (Novel by Timothy Zahn)

Thrawn: Ascendancy #2: Greater Good (Novel by Timothy Zahn)

Thrawn: Ascendancy #3: Lesser Evil (Novel by Timothy Zahn)

Ahsoka (Audiobook by E. K. Johnston)

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Disney+ Original Series)

Andor: Season One (Disney+ Original Series)

Doctor Aphra (Audio Drama by Sarah Kuhn)

Battlefront II: Inferno Squad (Novel by Christie Golden)

The Mandalorian: Season One (Disney+ Original Series)

The Mandalorian: Season Two (Disney+ Original Series)

The Book of Boba Fett: Season One (Disney+ Original Series)

Phasma (Novel by Delilah S. Dawson)

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