After months of reading and deliberation, At Boundary’s Edge is proud to reveal the self-published books that have made it through the first round of cuts. As a reminder, we have read the first 20% of each of these books and then vote don whether or not to continue. As a team of three judges, any book that received two or three votes of ‘Yes, I would like to keep reading,’ has made it to this stage of the competition. The attentive among you will realise that this leaves us with eleven books still in the game, as opposed to the ten we were aiming for. With a seven-way tie involved, we determined it unfair to exclude one of those just to make the numbers fit. So without further ado, here are our quarter-finalists:

Blood Animus, by Kyle McKeon

Blood Animus -Kyle McKeon


Daros, by Dave Dobson

Daros -David Dobson


Defiant, by Aaron Hodges

Defiant- Aaron Hodges


Delphine Descends, by Darrel William Moore

Delphine Descends -Darrel William Moore


Destroyer, by Brian G. Turner



Ghosts of Tomorrow, by Michael R. Fletcher

Ghosts of Tomorrow - Mike Fletcher


KHAOS, by Michael Reid Jr.

KHAOS - Michael Reid Jr


Mazarin Blues, by Al Hess

Mazarin Blues -Al Hess


Terms of Service, by Elliott Scott

Terms of Service -Elliott Scott


The Dark That Dwells, by Matt Digman & Ryan Roddy

The Dark That Dwells- Matt Digman and Ryan Roddy


The Nothing Within, by Andy Geisler

The Nothing Within-Andy Giesler


Our next task is to read each of these books to completion and give it a rating out of ten. The average of our three ratings will become that book’s final score. Each of these books will receive a full written review from at least one of our judges, and the three books with the highest average score will pass through to the semi-finals, where they will be judged by all of the teams in the SPSFC. Stay tuned for the first of our full reviews in the (hopefully) very near future.


If you want to read about the books that didn’t make it this far, you can find our reasoning at the following links:

Cuts 1-4

Cuts 5-8

Cuts 9-12

Cuts 13-16

Cuts 17-19

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