February on the farm means lambs. Lots and lots of lambs. Some might even say too many lambs. What it has meant for me personally is a lot of late nights. With a book nearby no matter what shed I’m in, I’ve managed to do a lot of reading. But the long days have resulted in less time for blogging. And basically no time to write. Still, it’s all worth it in the end.


I finally managed to do the impossible. I’ve gone an entire month without buying a book. So there you have it. Miracles do happen.


I got a lot more reading done than I expected to this month, with a good mix of standalones and parts of series. I finished off a batch of anthologies and short story collections, and swapped up my Star Trek TBR a little. I didn’t read many new books, but did clear out my backlog significantly. Here’s a full list:

And in non-science fiction:

  • The Eagle’s Prey and The Eagle’s Prophecy, by Simon Scarrow
  • The Veiled Throne, by Ken Liu


This has been the month of the podcast for me. I’m still listening to Lore and The Delta Flyers, but they have been joined in recent weeks by Shuttlepod, in which Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer talk all things Enterprise. I’ve also taken the plunge into Blake’s 7 audio dramas from Big Finish, though they have taken a backseat at the moment due to time constraints.


The Book of Boba Fett is certainly a programme that I have seen. I’m hoping to get full thoughts up here some time soon, but for now I’ll say that it was a fun show, but a very messy one. Star Trek Discovery continues to a flawed but strong show, and the return of The Walking Dead‘s final season suggests the show will go out on a high.


Just the one article from me this month. What Should I Write About was a slightly existential look at the role of bloggers in a world where big books get bigger, and small books fall by the wayside. There was a nice response to this, proving that most bloggers are a lovely lot, and it served as a reminder I really need to do more articles.


We’ve entered Phase 2! There was also a landmark moment here as I published a review by another blogger (Team Judge Ryan). And then reviewed the other two myself. Due to work, I’m yet to start reading the next six books, but that’s the plan for March.


A somewhat reduced readership for this month, which is a combination of fewer posts and fewer days. Can’t say I’m upset about that, and two thousand views is still very respectable.

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