Key Stats

  • The 1st full-length album from Angus McSix
  • 45 minutes and 54 seconds
  • 12 tracks
  • Power Metal
  • Released by Napalm Records
  • Released on 21/04/2023


What do you when you’ve tied your entire musical career to a fictional character that is part of the band you’ve just parted ways with?

This was the question facing Thomas Winkler, best known to metal music fans as Angus McFife of the band Gloryhammer. Following his departure from that band, no one could have blamed Winkler for putting the whole McFife concept behind him. But that’s not what he did. What he did was go one better. rebranding himself as Angus McSix (because Six is one better than Fife), Winkler assembled a new band and set off to conquer metal charts across the universe.

On the face of it, the Angus McSix project is some way between hilariously petty vengeance, and an absolutely unhinged ego trip. The new Angus wields not a hammer, but the sword Sixcalibur. He is lord of the Sixtus Stellar System. he is the Master of the Universe, and his name is chanted throughout the album. There is no disputing who the star of the show is. The thing is though, it somehow works. Winkler is a very distinctive singer, and has the charisma to pull the whole thing off. The opening track ‘Master of the Universe’ is a gloriously raised middle finger to those who doubted the sincerity of the new band. And yes, it is sincere. Sincere in its commitment to go to extremes in the name of making good music.

Angus McSix is no a one-man show, however. Winkler’s new bandmates include Manu Lotter on drums, in the guise of the Buff Berserker Skaw. There is Thalia Bellazecca on guitar – a prodigy if ever there was one – and performing the role of Queen Thalestris of the *checks notes* Laser-Amazons of Caledonia. Rounding off the ensemble is Sebastian Leverman as Archdemon Seebulon, the antagonist of the first album’s narrative, and a general master of all instruments. I’m not a huge fan of instrumental sections, but in between the anthemic singing there’s plenty of opportunity for each member of the band to get some time in the spotlight.

This is an album where every song grows on you after a few listens. I didn’t enjoy ‘Laser-Shooting Dinosaur’ the first time around, but it’s an incredibly catchy song, and by the third listen I was singing along to every stupid lyric. ‘Starlord of the Sixtus Stellar System’ is the standout album track for its sheer joyful self-indulgence. if you don’t like cheese with your power metal, then stay away. But if you do like cheese, you’ll find it here. The goblin-smiting epic bonus track ‘Just a Fool Will Play Tricks on Angus McSix’ really sums it up nicely. Never underestimate this man’s commitment to making catchy music.

As debut albums go, this is everything a power metal fan could hope for. Sure there’s a little room for growth, but that’s no bad thing. Angus McSix is a band that has landed on its feet, and I can’t wait for the saga to continue.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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