MILITARY SF: Is It Worth A Shot?

Introduction Military Science Fiction, sometimes called MilSF but hereafter referred to as Military SF, is a genre that comes loaded with assumptions. In terms of the wider SF community, Military SF often ends up relegated to a niche, where few people from outside enter, and those within are regarded with some suspicion. Military SF hasContinue reading “MILITARY SF: Is It Worth A Shot?”

BOOK REVIEW: Star Trek III: Short Stories, by William Rotsler

A collection of five short stories Published by Ravette in 1984 Space Opera 126 pages This is a very short book, so it’s only fitting that I give it a very short review. So short, I’ve even forgone my traditional teaser synopsis. So let’s backtrack a little. Star Trek, like all franchises, has spawned aContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Star Trek III: Short Stories, by William Rotsler”

BOOK REVIEW: Deathwatch, The Omnibus

Features the novels Deathwatch, Kryptmann’s War, Storm of Damocles, plus short stories Focuses on the Deathwatch Published by Black Library in 2021 Grimdark SF 957 pages There is no greater threat to humanity than the tides of xenos filling the galaxy. And there is no greater defence against the xenos than the Deathwatch. But whenContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Deathwatch, The Omnibus”

AUDIO REVIEW: Death Troopers, by Joe Schreiber

Narrated by Sean Kenin A Standalone Novel Part of the Expanded Universe/Legends canon This audio version published 2022 Zombies. In. Space. 6hrs 41min The Imperial prison barge Purge. Home to five hundred prisoners ranging from rebels to murderers, now drifts in space. As a deadly plague ravages the inmate population, the survivors are forced toContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Death Troopers, by Joe Schreiber”

BOOK REVIEW: Star Trek 12, by James Blish & J. A. Lawrence

A novelisation of five Original Series episodes Three stories by Blish, two by Lawrence Published by Corgi in 1978 Social SF 170 pages These are the voyages of the USS Enterprise, as it explores the furthest reaches of space. Captain James Kirk leads his bold crew to worlds where dreams become reality, where Nazis rule,Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Star Trek 12, by James Blish & J. A. Lawrence”

TBR & BEYOND: August 2022

The months continue to tick along at an alarming rate, and so we have come to August. I’m hoping that my reading picks up a bit this month, which is should do, as I have no major engagements planned. I’m still in a semi-storage position due to renovations, but that will hopefully wrapped up byContinue reading “TBR & BEYOND: August 2022”

BOOK REVIEW: Catachan Devil, by Justin Woolley

A Standalone Novel Focuses on the Astra Militarum Published by Black Library in 2022 Military SF 326 pages When Ted Torvin is tithed into the Astra Militarum, he is sent straight into a brutal jungle war against the orks. After his unit takes heavy losses, Torvin is forced to work alongside the Catachan 57th, whoContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Catachan Devil, by Justin Woolley”

BOOK REVIEW: Islands in the Sky, by Arthur C. Clarke

A Standalone Novel First Published in 1954 Puffin Edition Published in 1976 A classic piece of Tomorrow Fiction 208 pages Roy Malcolm knows everything there is to know about aviation, so its no surprise when he wins the coveted prize of a free trip to anywhere. What is a surprise is that he chooses toContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Islands in the Sky, by Arthur C. Clarke”

BOOK REVIEW: The Helwinter Gate, by Chris Wraight

Space Wolves/Jarnhamar Pack (#3) Focuses on the Space Wolves Published by Black Library in 2020 Space Opera 421 pages The Imperium stands on the brink of ruin, with Cadia under siege and the servants of Chaos spilling through the Eye of Terror. Into this inferno comes the Jarnhamar pack, who may just have accumulated tooContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Helwinter Gate, by Chris Wraight”

BOOK REVIEW: Foundation’s Friends, edited by Martin H. Greenberg

An anthology of 18 stories Published by Graffton Books First published in 1989 A collection of many genres 511 pages For fifty years, Isaac Asimov has entertained and inspired with his science fiction tales. In this anthology, eighteen authors pay tribute to the good doctor and his myriad creations. And what better way to celebrateContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Foundation’s Friends, edited by Martin H. Greenberg”