BOOK REVIEW: Double Star, by Robert Heinlein

When a stranger in a bar offers him a job, down-on-his-luck actor Lorenzo expects to make a little money. But when that job turns out to involve impersonating the most famous politician in the solar system, Lorenzo can’t help but wonder if this will be the last job he ever takes . . . WhenContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Double Star, by Robert Heinlein”

BOOK REVIEW: Nova, by Samuel R. Delany

Lorq Von Ray is man with a singular goal: To fly his ship through the heart of a supernova. To achieve this dream he must gather a crew of unlikely allies, and fight an old enemy. But even among the stars, no man can escape his past . . . I primarily knew of SamuelContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Nova, by Samuel R. Delany”


August has raced by in a blur, bringing an end to a summer of reading. House renovations are ongoing, but it’s all looking good for an expanded library. With any luck I’ll be ready to restock the shelves by the end of September, though nothing is set in stone. Anyway, on with roundup. BOOK HAULContinue reading “MONTHLY ROUNDUP: August 2022”

BOOK REVIEW: The Rediscovery of Man, by Cordwainer Smith

A Collection of 11 Short Stories Gollancz SF Masterworks edition published in 1999 Deeply Weird Space Opera 365 pages What is the future of Man? Will it be a glorious era of enlightenment and immortality, or will it be an untold horror of slavery and oppression. The answer lies somewhere between the two, and isContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Rediscovery of Man, by Cordwainer Smith”

BOOK REVIEW: Skyward Flight, by Brandon Sanderson and Janci Patterson

An Omnibus of SunReach, ReDawn, and Evershore First Published in 2022 Published by Gollancz Young Adult Space Opera 579 pages Spensa may be missing in action, but the fight goes on without her. The young pilots of Skyward Flight risk all in their battle against the Superiority. At stake, nothing less than the survival ofContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Skyward Flight, by Brandon Sanderson and Janci Patterson”

BOOK REVIEW: Helliconia, by Brian Aldiss

An omnibus of Helliconia Spring, Helliconia Spring and Helliconia Winter First Published in 2010 A Gollancz SF Masterwork An epoch-spanning Social SF 1303 pages Helliconia. A world where a single orbit lasts for thousands of Earth years. A world where civilisations rise and fall under the watchful eye of the suns. But there is anotherContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Helliconia, by Brian Aldiss”

Happy Birthday Ray Bradbury: Book Tag

The Happy Birthday Ray Bradbury book tag was created by Athena over at One Reading Nurse. You can find her original post HERE. This being a book tag, I am a day late to the celebrations, but hopefully a not a dollar short. If you’re reading tis, consider yourself tagged. The Illustrated Man – A Sci-fiContinue reading “Happy Birthday Ray Bradbury: Book Tag”

BOOK REVIEW: The Wraithbone Phoenix, by Alec Worley

The first Baggit and Clodde novel Part of the Warhammer Crime range Published by Black Library Released on 20/08/2022 A Crime Caper 404 pages Baggit and Clodde are in hiding, with a bounty on their heads. Whiel working to pay off the bounty, Baggit learns of a treasure known as the Wraithbone Phoenix. But whileContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Wraithbone Phoenix, by Alec Worley”

BOOK REVIEW: Cybersong, by S.N. Lewitt

A Standalone Novel Takes place during Seasone One of Voyager Published by Pocket Books in 1996 A Space Opera 277 pages Stranded in the Delta Quadrant, Voyager seeks the fastest way home. But while travelling through a dangerous region of space, the ship finds itself drifting off course. Something is calling to Voyager. Something thatContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Cybersong, by S.N. Lewitt”

BOOK REVIEW: The Stars My Destination, by Alfred Bester

A Standalone Novel First Published in 1956 Reprinted under the Gollancz SF Masterworks banner A violent SF thriller 240 pages Left for dead on a drifting spacecraft, lone survivor Gully Foyle dedicates his existence to revenge. It is a quest that will take him across the solar system, and leave countless ruined lives in hisContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Stars My Destination, by Alfred Bester”