Music and Literature have gone hand in hand forever, and her At Boundary’s Edge that continues to be the case. Science Fiction and music have close ties too, be it Iron Maiden’s Dune-inspired work, or the original creations of Gloryhammer. Though most of what I talk about here on the blog falls on the book side of things, I will listen to just about everything that brings science fiction to my ears. It might be a humble list at the moment, but this section of the blog is sure to grow as time goes by.


Viribus Unitis (2021)


Muscle Bound for Glory (2022)


Descent (2021)

Human (2021)

Descent Into Human Weakness (2022)

Paul Shapera

The Broken Cyborg (2019)

The Lost Fairy (2019)

Katy Shaw & The Search For The Stolen Secret (2020)

Nash Harding & The Secret Of The Twisted Tower (2020)

Kevin + Abi And The Secret Of The Golden Pendant (2021)

Poison Garden

Army of Dreamers (2022)

Psyche Corporation

Refugees from the Otherworld (2022)

Steam Powered Giraffe

1896 (2020)


Space Ninjas From Hell (2020)

Dinosaur Warfare Pt 2: The Great Ninja War (2022)

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