BOOK REVIEW: The Albion Initiative, by George Mann

Queen Victoria has moved against the Secret Service, believing them to be a threat to the Empire. Caught in the madness, Newbury and Hobbes must face one final battle against the dark forces at the heart of the establishment. At stake, the future of the British Empire . . . Genre fiction has an unfortunateContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Albion Initiative, by George Mann”

BOOK REVIEW: Absynthe, by Brendan P. Bellecourt

My thanks go to Head of Zeus for a free copy in exchange for this honest review Series: Absynthe (#1) Publisher: Head of Zeus Genre: Alternate History Pages: 404 Publication Date: 09/12/2021 Verdict: 4/5   Chicago: 1928. But not the one you know. The Great War between the United States and the nations of the St.Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Absynthe, by Brendan P. Bellecourt”

BOOK REVIEW: The Apollo Murders, by Chris Hadfield

Publisher: Quercus Genre: Alternative History/Thriller Pages: 463 Publication Date: 12/10/2021 Verdict: 5/5   The year is 1973. With the Soviet union on the verge of seizing a military advantage, the United States steps up its own space programme. Apollo 18 will go to the Moon, and ensure that the Soviet endeavour falls short . .Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Apollo Murders, by Chris Hadfield”

BOOK REVIEW: Of Ants and Dinosaurs, by Cixin Liu

Translator: Elizabeth Hanlon Publisher: Head of Zeus Genre: Alternative History/Social SF Pages: 249 Publication Date: 2020 Verdict: 5/5   The Cretaceous Era. Two great empires coexist in peace. But while the ants and the dinosaurs have achieved great things together, the differences between them are great. Can this alliance survive, or will doubt and suspicionContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Of Ants and Dinosaurs, by Cixin Liu”

AUDIO REVIEW: Viribus Unitis, by Dragony

Label: Napalm Records Genre: Power Metal/Alternative History Tracks: 12 Runtime: 49 minutes Release Date: 15/01/2021 Verdict: 5/5 Here are three things I love: Power metal, alternative histories, and sinister magic. With their fourth album Viribus Unitis, Austrian-based band Dragony have combined all three to create a strong early contender for album of the year. Coming fromContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Viribus Unitis, by Dragony”