BOOK REVIEW: The Last Day, by Andrew Hunter Murray

Publisher: Hutchinson Genre: Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Pages: 424 Publication Date: 06/02/2019 Verdict: 5/5 The year is 2059, and the Earth has stopped spinning. Half the world freezes in perpetual night while the other burns in never-ending sunlight. In the thin strip of survivable land, Britain languishes under a draconian new government. Coming home to visit a dyingContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Last Day, by Andrew Hunter Murray”

BOOK REVIEW: Shadow And Claw, by Gene Wolfe

Publisher: Gollancz Series: The Book of the New Sun (#1-2) Genre: Science Fantasy Pages: 597 Publication Date: 2011 Verdict: 3/5   Severian is a torturer by trade, but that is not his nature. Exiled from his guild, he finds himself cast out into the strange landscape beyond the city he once called home . .Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Shadow And Claw, by Gene Wolfe”

BOOK REVIEW: Cage of Souls, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Publisher: Head of Zeus Series: Standalone Genre: Dying Earth Pages: 602 Publication Date: 04/04/2019 Verdict: 5/5   The sun is dying. The Earth is all but dead. The last of humanity is clustered in a single city, as corrupt as it is vulnerable. But Stefan Advani has bigger problems. . . I’ll cut straight toContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Cage of Souls, by Adrian Tchaikovsky”