THEY CAN’T ALL BE WINNERS: The Purpose of Bad Reviews

In the run up to Christmas, social media was filled with drama. This time, the debate was over whether or not a ‘Worst Books of the Year’ was an insulting idea. The past few days have seen the backlash in the form of more ‘Worst Books…’ lists. As always, the debate rages on, and willContinue reading “THEY CAN’T ALL BE WINNERS: The Purpose of Bad Reviews”

FANDOM, FILK & FUN: Carmen Miranda’s Ghost

  Last year, a friend shared a link to a song. “Carmen Miranda’s ghost,” the song began, “is haunting Space Station Three.” The quality was terrible, having originally been recorded from damaged cassette tape, but I was intrigued. When the playlist revealed an entire album of these weird songs, I was immediately hooked. The albumContinue reading “FANDOM, FILK & FUN: Carmen Miranda’s Ghost”