BOOK REVIEW: Sinopticon, edited by Xueting Christine Ni

Translated by Xueting Christine Ni A collection of 13 short stories translated from Chinese into English Published by Solaris in 2021 Features a variety of science fiction subgenres 427 pages ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Like a lot of anglophone science fiction readers, I was first introduced to Chinese SF by Cixin Liu (via the work of translators KenContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Sinopticon, edited by Xueting Christine Ni”

BOOK REVIEW: Vagabonds, by Hao Jingfang

Translator: Ken Liu Publisher: Head of Zeus Genre: Social SF Pages: 600 Publication Date: 14/04/2020 (this translation) Rating: 5/5 Earth and Mars. Two planets with a shared history, but very different visions of the future. Returning from an exchange trip to Earth, a group of Martian students comes home. The world they left has changed,Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Vagabonds, by Hao Jingfang”