BOOK REVIEW: Kobayashi Maru, by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels

–Click here for a full index of all my Star Trek reviews– Era: Enterprise Publisher: Simon & Schuster Genre: Space Opera Pages: 475 Publication Date: 2008 Verdict: 5/5 The Romulan Star Empire wages a secret war against the nascent Coalition of Planets. Haunted by piracy and split by hidden agendas, the Coalition may be overContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Kobayashi Maru, by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels”


Starring: Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, Ron Glass, Morena Baccarin, Chiwetel Ejiofor Length: 1hr 58mins Genre: Space Opera Released: 2005 Verdict: 4/5 When Firefly was cancelled, it left a lot of stories unexplored. Even though there was no overarching storyline left unresolved, as happens with so many axedContinue reading “FILM REVIEW: Serenity”

BOOK REVIEW: Bone Silence, by Alastair Reynolds

-Spoilers for Revenger and Shadow Captain– Publisher: Gollancz Genre: Space Opera Series: Revenger (#3) Pages: 602 Publication Date: 30/01/2020 Rating: 4/5   Arafura and Adrana, the sisters Ness, have embraced their pirate reputation. But raiding ships throughout the ruins of the solar system is not an easy life, and it only gets harder when theContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Bone Silence, by Alastair Reynolds”

ISAAC ASIMOV: 100 Years of Genius

I remember where I first encountered Asimov, but not when. I’m certain I was still in primary school, so i can’t have been older than ten, but that’s about it. As to the where, it was Richard Booth’s Bookshop in Hay-On-Wye, the second-hand book capital of the world. Lost in a cellar filled with thousandsContinue reading “ISAAC ASIMOV: 100 Years of Genius”

BOOK REVIEW: Howling Dark, by Christopher Ruocchio

–Spoilers for Empire of Silence- Publisher: Gollancz Series: The Sun Eater (#2) Genre: Space Opera Pages: 656 Publication Date: 18/07/2019 Verdict: 5/5 Hadrian Marlowe has spent half a century searching for a way to make peace with the Cielcin. When he finds a way to the lost world of Vorgossos, it could be the answerContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Howling Dark, by Christopher Ruocchio”

BOOK REVIEW: Honor Among Enemies, by David Weber

-Major spoilers abound for previous books in the Honorverse. Click here for a full index of reviews- Publisher: Baen Series: Honor Harrington (#6) Genre: Space Opera/Military SF Pages: 538 Publication Date: 1996 Verdict: 5/5   Given one last shot at redemption, Honor Harrington accepts a mission that will take her beyond Manticore’s borders. Pirates, rebels,Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Honor Among Enemies, by David Weber”

BOOK REVIEW: Aftershocks, by Marko Kloos

Publisher: 47North Series: The Palladium Wars (#1) Genre: Military SF Pages: 278 Publication Date: 01/06/2019 Verdict: 4/5   The war is over, and Aden Robertson of Gretia fought on the losing side. Released from a PoW camp after 5 long years, he must adapt to the new world he emerges into. But he not theContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Aftershocks, by Marko Kloos”

BOOK REVIEW: Space Viking, by H. Beam Piper

Publisher: Sphere Series: Terro-Human Future History (#4) Genre: Space Opera Pages: 222 Publication Date: 1963 Verdict: 5/5   Thousands of years from now, the Galaxy is a barbaric place. In the Sword Worlds, the petty nobles squabble amongst themselves, sending out raiding parties to the ruins of the Old Federation. These raiders, known as SpaceContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Space Viking, by H. Beam Piper”

BOOK REVIEW: Shadow Captain, by Alastair Reynolds

-This review conatins spoilers for Revenger. Proceed with caution.- Publisher: Gollancz Series: Revenger (#2) Genre: Space Opera Pages: 422 Release Date: 10/01/2019 Verdict: 4.5/5   In the rubble of our solar system, it’s every man and woman for themselves. Sunjammers ply their dubious trade between thousands of tiny worlds, their solar sails carrying through the ruinsContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Shadow Captain, by Alastair Reynolds”

BOOK REVIEW: Galactic Patrol, by E.E ‘Doc’ Smith

Publisher: Gollancz Series: Lensman (#3) Genre: Space Opera Pages: 269 Publication Date: 09/01/19 (originally 1950) Verdict: 2/5   In the distant future, the Galaxy is defended and protected by the Lensmen. The pirates of Boskone have been growing in threat for years. But when a ruthless new leader emerges, their predation spills over into activeContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Galactic Patrol, by E.E ‘Doc’ Smith”