BURN BRYTE: A Quick Look at Roll20’s First RPG System

I’ve been using Roll20 to run my RPGs for the past two and a half years, racking up around a thousand hours of actual game time. That’s about a fifty-fifty split between my homebrew SF systems and Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. It’s a great tool for GMs who can’t meet up with their playersContinue reading “BURN BRYTE: A Quick Look at Roll20’s First RPG System”

OUT OF ALIGNMENT: Cultural Morality in RPGs

Good and Evil, particularly in the context of Good versus Evil, has been a mainstay of roleplaying games since the very beginning. There are multiple very good reasons for this, not the least of which is that Good and Evil are concepts which go back right to the very earliest storytelling cultures. As a generalContinue reading “OUT OF ALIGNMENT: Cultural Morality in RPGs”

10 Guidelines For Better RPGs

I’ve been thinking a lot about RPGs lately. As well as running two Stars Without Number groups (more on that in the future), I’m also planning a D&D5E, Call of Cthulhu and potentially more campaigns. Despite the variety of systems I’ve experimented with over the years (reading manuals since 2008, and GMing properly since 2013)Continue reading “10 Guidelines For Better RPGs”


Last Friday, I ran a session of Star Wars Saga. It did not go well. For one thing, the rules are so complicated it makes Pathfinder look like D&D 5E. leaving aside my own GMing style, I can’t see how anyone can be expected to learn every feature of a ruleset so sprawling. Then there’sContinue reading “A BARREN WASTELAND: The State of SF RPGs”

Wrath & Glory: A Quick Look at the New 40k RPG

Warhammer 40,000 has a rough history when it comes to tabletop RPGs. While there have been a lot of modules – Rogue Trader, Only War, Dark Heresy – they’ve all used the d100 system. Now, I’m an open-minded person when it comes to RPGs, but the d100 mechanic is absolutely brutal towards lower-level players. AndContinue reading “Wrath & Glory: A Quick Look at the New 40k RPG”

A Troublesome Trope: My Issue With Found Families

-this article contains minor spoilers for season 4 of Killjoys- ‘We’re more than that, we’re a family.’ It’s a line that could come from any number of films, TV shows or books. Fast & Furious really kicked off the notion of found families, and these days it seems like everyone is following suit. From Guardians of theContinue reading “A Troublesome Trope: My Issue With Found Families”

HOW ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?: Evil Characters and the Group Dynamic

-This article contains spoilers for Knights of the Old Republic and Dark Matter– One of my chief hobbies outside of reading and watching TV is role-playing games. In particular, I enjoy running them for other people. One discussion that recently came up in my regular group regarded the nature of evil characters, and why IContinue reading “HOW ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?: Evil Characters and the Group Dynamic”