Welcome to the fifth in a series of articles wherein I attempt to build the ideal crew for a ship, using characters from the many variations of Star Trek. To be a candidate, all you need is to be a series regular on one of Star Trek‘s TV incarnations, from The Original Series onwards. We’ve already assembled a sizeable crew, and now we need someone to keep them safe. With that in mind, let’s choose our head of security. This choice will also cover tactical duties, as the two roles often cross over.

Candidate 1: Tasha Yar

Though we don’t see much of her, what we do know of Tasha Yar paints a good image. She’s quick to find her feet, more than capable of handling herself in a fight, and adapts quickly to new situations.  Her dedication to duty is without question, but this does on occasion work against her, and she is alarmingly ready to lay down her life if the situation calls for it.

Candidate 2: Worf, son of Mogh

Worf comes with a lot of emotional baggage. While it impressive to be the first Klingon in Starfleet, Worf clings to his heritage even when it is not in his own best interests, or the interests of those he serves. Worf’s obsession with honourable ideals often brings him into conflict with the orders given by his superiors, and while he may try to balance them, it is ultimately detrimental to a good working relationship between Worf and his commanding officer. That being said, Worf has more experience than anyone else on this list. With multiple years of experience on both starships and space stations, he’s seen pretty much all there is to see, and has come out of it relatively unscathed.

Candidate 3: Odo

This shapeshifter is physically the best choice for a security officer, as his unique abilities give him innumerable advantages. He also has years of experience in matters both civilian and military, and a background that could come in handy in any encounter with the Dominion. While he may not be the most affable of individuals, Odo is able to work with just about anyone on a cordial basis. Unfortunately, this includes criminals themselves, and he has been known to look the other way when certain Ferengi are clearly involved in criminal activities. Even more concerning is his past employment by a fascist regime responsible for countless lost innocent lives.

Candidate 4: Tuvok

Tuvok has arguable the cleanest division between personal and professional life of any candidate. Married with children, this in no way stops him from going about his job. In addition, Tuvok’s skills range from manning a tactical station, to undercover work with terrorist cells, to the role of detective in high-stakes investigations. Like all Vulcans, he may be overly reliant on logic at times, but Tuvok has mastered the art of applying it.

Candidate 5: Malcolm Reed

With a Navy background of several generations, Malcolm Reed knows what duty requires of him. If you have a job that needs doing, however distasteful it may be, Reed can be relied upon to complete it. His apparent glee when it comes to aggressive tactics is likely the satisfaction of a job well done rather than any psychopathic intent. However, his dedication to the line of duty has a serious impact on interpersonal relations, and any interaction with Reed will be bound by the strictures of rank. Furthermore, Reed’s ties to Section 31 should not be underestimated.

Candidate 6: Nahn

Nahn earns special points for surviving more than one year on the decidedly deadly USS Discovery. She’s skilled, adaptable, and easy to get along with. However, crew loyalty is not her strong point, and she will leave a ship behind if she determines that another mission is in greater need of her skillset.

Candidate 7: Shaxs

It’s hard to tell how good a job Shaxs is doing on the Cerritos, as the ship is constantly in peril, yet always makes it out on the other side. It’s clear that Shaxs is delaying with a traumatic past during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor, and this shows in his volatility in the work place. It has to be said though, any man who dies and still turns up for work the next day is a force to be reckoned with

Final Verdict

Choosing security personnel is difficult, as most seem to have more issues than other departments with drawing a line between duty and personal matters. The troubled history of several candidates also eliminates them from the running. On that basis the final two candidates would be Tasha Yar and Tuvok. Based on length of service, and the depth of his experience, I would take Tuvok as my chief of security.


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