In the past two years, I have read a lot of Black Library books. I’ve managed to stay mostly on top of new releases in that period, and have discovered a lot of new favourites. But there’s always more out there. Not only is Black Library continuing to publish them (2022 has so far been a bumper year for Warhammer 40,000), but there’s also an extensive back catalogue that I missed out on. Now, the passage of years and fairly low print runs make some of these older works hard to find. But between second-hand options and the possibility of reprints, there’s always hope. So here’s a list of all the Black Library books I hope to find in the coming months.


Sabbat Worlds and Sabbat Crusade, edited by Dan Abnett – These two anthologies were the first efforts to expand the Sabbat Worlds beyond Abnett’s own writing. Given how much I enjoyed Sabbat War, it seems a sure thing I’ll like these as well.

Brothers of the Snake, by Dan Abnett – The only Sabbat Worlds novel I haven’t already read. I don’t normally go in for the Space Marine content, but Dan Abnett is one of the most reliable authors out there.

Path of the Dark Eldar, by Andy Chambers – I know absolutely nothing about the drukhari, or Andy Chambers. Who am I to turn down such an unknown corner of Warhammer 40,000?

Krieg, by Steve Lyons – A very recent release, this is one that I missed out on. Thankfully, there should be a paperback rerelease by the end of the year, or just after. Lyons has form when it comes to Krieg, so I have very high hopes.

Ciaphas Cain, by Sandy Mitchell – I read the first omnibus a while ago, and rather liked it. Unfortunately, the second omnibus is extremely difficult to come by. However, the first omnibus has now been rereleased, so I expect the second and third will follow in short order.

Path of the Eldar, by Gav Thorpe – I remember seeing these on shelves when I was more into Warhammer Fantasy. The idea of space elves still doesn’t appeal to me all that much, but Thorpe is a fantastic author, so I’ll definitely pick it up if I see it.


Vincula Insurgency, by Dan Abnett – This prequel to Gaunt’s Ghosts seems an odd choice for Abnett. Why go back when the history of the Tanith First and Only, rather than the future? Whatever Abnett’s reasons (and I’m sure they’re good ones) I’m confident this will be a solid piece of military SF.

Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom, by Mike Brooks – One of Black Library’s character novels, I assume this is based on a significant figure from the game’s lore. To be honest, the name means nothing to me. I suspect it will be a Chaos-focused book, but that’s pure speculation.

Assassinorum: Kingmaker, by Robert Rath – Rath made a big splash with his Black Library debut The Infinite and the Divine. While I didn’t enjoy that as much as others, I’m eager to check out Rath’s other writing. The Imperium’s assassins haven’t had much page-time before, so I’m looking forward to seeing where Rath takes them.

Catachan Devil, by Justin Woolley – More Astra Militarum is always a good thing. It might be the bread and butter of the franchise, but it’s also what I come to Warhammer for. This one’s already up for preorder, so I’ll likely be getting to in the very near future.


The Triumph of St Katherine, by Danie Ware – Ware’s Sisters of Battle novellas have been great fun, so a full novel is the logical next step. This one’s already been released as a limited edition, but as usual we’ll have a long wait for a more widely-available version.


Pandaemonium, by Dan Abnett – The grand climax of the Eisenhorn, Ravenor, Bequin cycle has a lot of expectations to live up to. Especially in the wake of Penitent‘s revelations. This one’s probably a little while off, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Abnett.

Interceptor City, by Dan Abnett – Another Abnett sequel, the follow-up to Double Eagle is near-mythical in some fan circles. If it does arrive, I’ll definitely read it, but I won’t hold my breath waiting.

Black Legion #3, by Aaron Dembski-Bowden – This is essentially the last space marine book I plan to read, as it wraps up one of the equally few Chaos books I’ve truly enjoyed. This one is, I believe, being worked on currently.

Minka Lesk #3, by Justin D Hill – I liked Cadian Honour, but Traitor Rock was mind-blowing. With that trajectory, the sky truly is the limit for wherever the Cadian series goes next. I don’t know how long this series will be, but I hope it turns into another long-running saga like Gaunt’s Ghosts.

Warhammer Crime – This is one of my favourite little corners of the grim, dark future. So far we’ve had three anthologies (which have proven to be fertile ground for newer authors) and three novels. I hope Flesh and Steel at least gets a sequel, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more from any of the probators.

Audio Dramas – I fear these have fallen by the wayside in favour of the WarhammerTV animations, which is a real shame. Audio dramas were my gateway into Warhammer 40,000, and I still think they represent some of the best short-form storytelling out there. It would be nothing short of a tragedy if the age of the audio drama has come to an end.

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