BOOK REVIEW: Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom, by Mike Brooks

A Standalone Novel Focuses on the Chaos Space Marines Published by Black Library in 2022 A Grimdark Space Opera 200 pages Once a servant of the Imperium, Huron Blackheart now makes his own way as a devotee of the Chaos Gods. But while the Warmaster and the reborn Primarch wage their endless war, Blackheart gathersContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom, by Mike Brooks”

TBR & BEYOND: July 2022

July could well be a spotty month so far as blogging is concerned. As well as the usual work hassle, I’ve got a LARP weekend for the end of the month, and as a month-long project I’m renovating my bedroom/library. This means reduced reading time, but also unreliable internet access as I relocate to anotherContinue reading “TBR & BEYOND: July 2022”

AUDIO REVIEW: Refugees from the Otherworld, by Psyche Corporation

The 1st full-length album from Psyche Corp Featuring guest vocals from Paul Shapera 48 minutes and 27 seconds As to genre, your guess is as good as mine Released on 09/06/2022 Decades after interdimensional fairy creatures spilled into the human world, two students attend the world famous Phoenix Medical School. But will Diana and LucContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Refugees from the Otherworld, by Psyche Corporation”

BOOK REVIEW: Eyes of the Void, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

The Final Architecture (#2) Published by Tor Books First published in 2022 A grand Space Opera 576 pages The Architects have returned, but only Idris knows the terrifying truth. That something is controlling them. His quest for answers leads him deep into alien space. But even Idris cannot escape humanity. Nor the war that isContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Eyes of the Void, by Adrian Tchaikovsky”

BOOK REVIEW: The Triumph of Saint Katherine, by Danie Ware

A Standalone Novel Focuses on the Sisters of Battle Published by Black Library in 2022 A Grimdark war story 181 pages In a galaxy aflame with war, faith is more powerful than any weapon. The blessed Saint Katherine knew this, but now she is fallen. Yet through the power of faith, Katherine may be reborn.Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Triumph of Saint Katherine, by Danie Ware”

TBR & BEYOND: June 2022

As we hurtle towards the half-way point of the year, it’s time to re-examine our TBR stacks and decide what to read in the month of June. I’m making good progress on my various reading goals, so this month I might shake things up a little. Let’s talk TBR. TBR Aw, look at the poorContinue reading “TBR & BEYOND: June 2022”

TV REVIEW: Star Trek: Picard, Season 2

There are going to be some major spoilers in this review. If you don’t want to know how this season ends, you’re better off not reading just yet. I loved Season One of Picard. Looking back at it two years later, it’s easy to see the flaws. It had a bit too much going on,Continue reading “TV REVIEW: Star Trek: Picard, Season 2”

BOOK REVIEW: Assassinorum: Kingmaker, by Robert Rath

A standalone novel Focuses on the Officio Assassinorum Published by Black Library in 2022 A grimdark espionage thriller 359 pages When a distant yet crucial world threatens to secede from the Imperium, the Officio Assassinorum dispatches a group of its finest agents to replace the planet’s monarch with someone more favourable. But when you’re workingContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Assassinorum: Kingmaker, by Robert Rath”

TBR & BEYOND: May 2022

We’re a third of the way through the year, and that means only one thing. It’s time for more books! May is looking to be a fairly quiet month, so I should be clear to read more than in April. There’s not much more to say than that, so here we go with this month’sContinue reading “TBR & BEYOND: May 2022”

BOOK REVIEW: Kingdoms of Death, by Christopher Ruocchio

Book Four of The Sun Eater Published by Head of Zeus on 22nd March 2022 A grand space opera 501 pages For almost a century, Hadrian Marlowe has languished under house arrest as punishment for his ‘miracle’ at Berenike. But with the Cielcin tearing across the stars, the Sollan Empire must once more call uponContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Kingdoms of Death, by Christopher Ruocchio”