THE WISHLIST: Black Library 2021 Releases

Black Library have been printing Warhammer 40,000 tie-in fiction for over two decades now, and for the past few years have been making regular appearances on my TBR Tower. They put out dozens of books a year, around a third of which I would say are of interest to me. As well as hardbacks andContinue reading “THE WISHLIST: Black Library 2021 Releases”

AUDIO REVIEW: The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway, by Una McCormack

-You can find the rest of my Star Trek content by clicking here- -This review contains some minor spoilers. Proceed with caution- Era: Voyager Read By: Kate Mulgrew Genre: Space Opera Publisher: Tantor Audio Runtime: 8hrs 20m Release Date: 26/01/2021 Verdict: 4/5   Everyone knows the story of how Kathryn Janeway spent seven years lostContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway, by Una McCormack”

BOOK REVIEW: Colonyside, by Michael Mammay

–Hold up, this is a sequel! Find my review of the previous book here– Series: Planetside (#3) Publisher: Harper Voyager Genre: Military SF Pages: 368 Publication Date: 21/01/2021 Verdict: 4/5 Carl Butler – the man who committed genocide – has finally settled into retirement. But then a CEO’s daughter goes missing, and Butler finds himselfContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Colonyside, by Michael Mammay”

AUDIO REVIEW: Kevin + Abi and the Secret of the Golden Pendant, by Paul Shapera

Genre: Crime, Time Travel Runtime: 1hr 15mins Release Date: 23/02/2021 Cast: Paul Shapera, Kerttu Aarnipuu, Oliver Marsh, Kiera-Marie Somers, Lauren Osborn, Hayley Warner, Verdict: 5/5 The third volume in Paul Shapera’s trilogy of intricate and long-titled ‘secret’ New Albion albums has been out for less than two months, but it’s already my favourite of the set.Continue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Kevin + Abi and the Secret of the Golden Pendant, by Paul Shapera”

BOOK REVIEW: A Desolation Called Peace, by Arkady Martine

–Major spoilers for A Memory Called Empire– Publisher: Tor Series: Teixcalaan (#2) Genre: Space Opera Pages: 480 Publication Date: 04/03/2021 Verdict: 5/5 Teixcalaan expands outwards, consuming all in its path. Except Lsel Station, which has negotiated a fragile peace in the face of a greater threat. A fleet is approaching human space. Unidentified, unknowable, andContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: A Desolation Called Peace, by Arkady Martine”

BOOK REVIEW: Penitent, by Dan Abnett

–click here for a full list of all my Warhammer 40,000 content– Publisher: Black Library Series: Bequin (#2) Genre: Grimdark SF Pages: 346 Publication Date: 04/03/2021 Verdict: 5/5 Beta Bequin continues her investigation of the ancient city Queen Mab. Torn between the warring Inquisitors Gregor Eisenhorn and Gideon Ravenor, Bequin finds herself questioning everything. ButContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Penitent, by Dan Abnett”

AUDIO REVIEW: Descent, by Kalah

-with my thanks to the band for sending me a review copy- Label: Independent Genre: Electronica/Melodic/Metal Tracks: 4 Runtime: 18 minutes Release Date: 01/02/2021 Verdict: 4/5 Kalah’s debut EP is an odd beast and no mistake. Even with my eclectic music taste, I’ve never heard anything quite like it. Even though it’s less than twentyContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Descent, by Kalah”

BOOK REVIEW: We, Robots, edited by Simon Ings

Publisher: Head of Zeus Genre: Various Pages: 997 Publication Date: 10/12/2020 Verdict: 3/5 Robots. Androids. Machines. Mechanical men. Sometimes they come as conquerors, sometimes they are our slaves. Whether they are the ultimate other, or a reflection of our own desires, robots have a long history in science fiction. Here are one hundred stories fromContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: We, Robots, edited by Simon Ings”

AUDIO REVIEW: Viribus Unitis, by Dragony

Label: Napalm Records Genre: Power Metal/Alternative History Tracks: 12 Runtime: 49 minutes Release Date: 15/01/2021 Verdict: 5/5 Here are three things I love: Power metal, alternative histories, and sinister magic. With their fourth album Viribus Unitis, Austrian-based band Dragony have combined all three to create a strong early contender for album of the year. Coming fromContinue reading “AUDIO REVIEW: Viribus Unitis, by Dragony”

Brave New Worlds: Upcoming SF in 2021

2020 was a rough year for most, but definitely for science fiction. A lot of industries ground to a halt, meaning that many of this year’s expected releases have been ushed back to 2021. On the plus side, that means next year is going to be absolutely packed with science fiction goodies. Here’s just aContinue reading “Brave New Worlds: Upcoming SF in 2021”