What a month it’s been. May was a good month both for general reading and the blog more specifically. I’ve had a record amount of posts, and a record number of views. There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get straight to it.


I bought a couple of books this month, but thankfully not as many as I read. Here’s the haul:

  • Moonrise, by Ben Bova
  • Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom, by Mike Brooks
  • Homecoming, the Farther Shore, and Old Wounds, all by Christie Golden
  • Foundation’s Friends, edited by Martin H. Greenberg
  • The Triumph of Saint Katherine, by Danie Ware


No pre-orders this month, and everything I’ve bought has arrived.


May was a mega-review in terms of books read, to the extent that it’s been a little tricky reviewing them all.

And in non-SF reading:

  • Dawnshard, by Brandon Sanderson
  • The Legion, by Simon Scarrow
  • Praetorian, by Simon Scarrow


I spent a large part of this month listening to Gene Kranz’ autobiographical Failure Is Not An Option, and am now approaching the end of Justin D Hill’s Necromunda novel Terminal Overkill. The review of the latter will be along in a few days, but in this month I caught up on my audio drama backlog, with reviews of the following:


I’m not watching much SF TV at the moment, but I did make time for the (somewhat underwhelming) second season of Star Trek: Picard.


My goal of increasing the number of articles I write is going rather swimmingly, as I managed four this month. I’m keeping the topics varied, so let me know if there’s something you think I should write about.


It’s all hands on deck with the SPSFC as we hurtle towards finding our winner. As well as announcing the finalists (and reviewing two of them), we also caught up with the semi-finalists earlier in the month.


This section of the roundup makes its triumphant return after too many months away. I’ve only managed a few thousand words in the past few days, but that’s already more than I’ve written in a long while.


A record number of posts (27) has led to an equally record-breaking number of views. I’ve breezed past the three and a half thousands mark, and it feels pretty good at these lofty heights. Stay tuned in June for more of the same.

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