SPOILER ALERT! It’s Okay To Know Things

This week, Star Trek announced via their official channels that Annie Wershing would be appearing in upcoming episodes as the Borg Queen. This excites me for two reasons. One: any mention of the Borg and I get excited. They’re one of Star Trek’s greatest inventions. Two, Wershing will be the third actress to portray theContinue reading “SPOILER ALERT! It’s Okay To Know Things”

TBR & BEYOND: September 2021

Welcome to the latest edition of TBR & BEYOND, a new regular feature where I take a look at my TBR, run through my reading plans for the month ahead, and talk about science-fiction related things I’m excited about for the coming month. A fair bit of this is similar to the previous month, butContinue reading “TBR & BEYOND: September 2021”

SPSFC At Boundary’s Edge: Meet The Contestants

The inaugural SPSFC (Self Published Science Fiction Competition) is getting under way! The judging teams have their books assigned, and we are chomping at the bit to get started. The At Boundary’s Edge team have spent the past few weeks sorting out the technical details, and while we’re a little way off our reviews yet,Continue reading “SPSFC At Boundary’s Edge: Meet The Contestants”