As a wise man once said: “New year, new man, all I’ve got to do is stick to the plan.” And even if that wise man was part of a Saturday Night Live sketch, I do think it’s important to make plans. But this is a science fiction blog, so you won’t find resolutions like ‘eat more vegetables,’ or ‘lose weight.’ If anything, this blog needs to gain some wait. I don’t thin you can ever have too much good content, and in 2022 I want to up my game. 2021 was a great year, and I don’t see why 2022 can’t be even better. I have  couple of plans, some concrete, some more aspirational, that I think will help this blog grow and hopefully get more science fiction to more people. Here they are:


Review every science fiction book I read

This is a continuation of what I did last year. Every SF book, no matter what I think about it, will get a review. As always, I’m going to stay on the positive side – because who needs more misery? – but I’m going to find something to say about everything I read. Book reviews are the bread and butter of At Boundary’s Edge, and I don’t think that will ever change.

Read more original fiction

What do I mean by this? Well, a third of my reading last year was Star Trek tie-ins, and another sixth was Warhammer 40,000. I really enjoy both universes and will be reading and reviewing more of both. But I also want to get back to non-IP science fiction. I don’t have a big reread series like I have the past two years, so I’m hoping there’s enough space in my schedule.

Read more debuts

I don’t think I read a single 2021 debut last year. Debuts are hard to keep track of, as they tend to only gain traction right before their release, but I’m hopefully going to be a bit more aware of them this year, and will aim to stay on top of current releases rather than getting stuck in the classics.

Review more films and TV

Fairly self-explanatory, this goal. I watch a lot of science fiction on the screen, but I don’t often review it. I don’t feel like I have enough to say about each episode as it releases, and by the time it’s all done, it does feel like the moment has passed. Speaking of moments passed, I often come late to shows by several months. But I’m not going to let that stop me any more, and all the SF I watch in 2022 will get a review. So say we all!


Last year I started judging for the Self Published Science Fiction Competition, and that role will continue into this year. As well as the reviews themselves, I’ll be posting general thoughts on the competition, and the first of those will come very soon.

Write more articles

I’ve always intended for this blog to have in-depth articles about science fiction (and related subjects), but these plans tend to fall apart due to time constraints. Last year I managed to complete a series on the best Star Trek crews, and that’s given me the push I needed to go a bit further. This year I’m definitely going to do a few more Ethics of Trek articles. But I also have non-Trek plans, including potential articles about Dune and Foundation, and deeper delves into some of my favourite universes. My more concrete plan is a series of beginner recommendations for various subgenres.

Author interviews

This is the biggest goal for 2022, and subsequently the one that’s least likely to happen. Reading interviews is (in the absence of conventions) one of my favourite things, and I’d like to hold a few of my own. Of course, this does mean overcoming my borderline pathological dislike of bothering other people, so don’t expect too much on this front.


How much of this plan I actually stick to, only time will tell. But I have a good feeling about 2022, and I’m looking forward to sharing with you all the science fiction it brings my way.

3 responses to “2022 At Boundary’s Edge”

  1. Athena (OneReadingNurse) Avatar
    Athena (OneReadingNurse)

    Foundation is the entire reason I love scifi and everything related to AI and ethics! I wish I could link a photo here, book outlet is selling a beeeaaautiful color coded set of the Foundation and Robot books – there seems to be hope of them getting the matching Empire books too!


    1. Alex Hormann Avatar

      Would be amazing to see the Empire books getting more recognition. The whole Foundation universe is a massive influence for me.


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