Welcome to October, and another edition of TBR & BEYOND here At Boundary’s Edge. Having clawed my way out of September with a delirious grin on my face, I’m hoping for a calmer month. Some might call this Spooky Season, but for me I’m just hoping to make some progress on my mountainous TBR. Let’s break it down, bit by bit.


That’s right, I’m finally moving things out of storage. This means I can finally get to my Star Trek collection. Sort of, anyway. There are some Deep Space Nine and The Next Generation books sitting there that take place pretty deep in their own continuities, so I’ll be trying to fill in some gaps before I tackle those. But I do intend to read at least the Terok Nor trilogy this month, and hopefully the Prometheus trilogy too. It sounds like a lot of books, but they have to be read at some point, and I’m theorising that the familiar structure of Star Trek will get me back into the reading habit after a rather abysmal September.

I’m also planning to read some Warhammer 40,000, much to nobody’s surprise. Having already enjoyed some of the stories contained therein, Danie Ware’s The Rose at War omnibus is the logical place to start, and I’m planning to squeeze in Denny Flowers’ Fire Made Flesh too.

In terms of original fiction, I’ll be starting the month with Jack Campbell’s Resolute, thus bringing me up to speed with one more series. Depending on how the rest of the month goes, I plan to read another military SF, Zachary Brown’s The Icarus Corps, though this would be a third trilogy back-to-back. If I fancy something a bit lighter, I’ll tidy away the last Ben Bova on my shelf, The Precipice, instead.

The big question mark hanging over this month’s schedule is Jules Verne. I’m planning to read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea as a buddy read, which will hopefully be this month. But as someone who compulsively reads cover to cover, I’ll be trying to wedge a thousand page monolith of an omnibus into my schedule if all goes to plan. As always, only time will tell how that turns out.

All this considered, I have a reading schedule that looks something like this:

  • Resolute, by Jack Campbell
  • Day of the Vipers, by James Swallow
  • Night of the Wolves & Dawn of the Eagles, by S.D. Perry and Britta Dennison
  • Fire With Fire, In the Heart of Chaos & The Root of All Rage, by Bernd Perplies and Christian Humberg
  • The Rose at War, by Danie Ware
  • Fire Made Flesh, by Denny Flowers
  • The Icarus Corps, by Zachary Brown/The Precipice, by Ben Bova
  • Seven Novels, by Jules Verne


With my current TBR essentially sufficient to keep me entertained until the end of the year (if not longer), I’m not too disappointed to say that October is a little thin on the ground for new releases. Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Wars: Andor are both releasing episodes weekly. All the evidence suggests that we’ll be having Doctor Who‘s final special of the year towards the end of the month. If that does come to pass, you can expect a Chibnall/Whittaker Era examination from me sometime afterwards.

In terms of books, the only upcoming releases I am aware of are from Black Library. There’s a lot of Space Marine content in this month’s schedule, but of note is Marc Collins’ Void King. This one is a Rogue Trader novel that I’m very much looking forward too. I will hopefully have a treat for you readers related to this, so stay tuned.

After the somewhat dry month of September, I’m also hoping to get some more articles written in October. There’ll be a little bit of community engagement, and one major blogging milestone for sure, and I’m hoping to cross some of the more academic ideas off my list too.

That’s it from me. If I’ve missed anything, or you want to make a suggestion for my TBR, be sure to let me know in the comments.

One response to “TBR & BEYOND: October 2022”

  1. Athena (OneReadingNurse) Avatar
    Athena (OneReadingNurse)

    Delirious grin sounds like you’ve gone mad scientist mode 🤣 good luck with the TBR!


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