Welcome back to the SPSFC. No, not space-fic. No, not spuss-fic. No, not specific. Here At Boundary’s Edge we say it like it’s written. S. P. S. F. C. SPSFC2, to be precise. I my previous post, we introduced ourselves as a team. Now it’s time for the books to take to the stage. So, without further ado, here are the 28 novels we’ll be judging in our initial allocation.

Webley and the World Machine, by Zachary Chopchinski

Trials on the Hard Way Home, by Lilith Frost

Between Mountain and Sea, by Louisa Locke

Black Table, by Anttimatti Pennanen

Dangerous Thoughts, by James L. Steele

Earth Warden, by Tyler Aston

Earthship, by John Triptych with Michael Lamontagne

The Elitist Supremacy, by Niranjan

Arkhangelsk, by Elizabeth H. Bonesteel

Empire of Ash and Blood, by Matthew Thompson

Empire Reborn, by A K DuBoff

Data Mine, by Lou Iovino

Innish Carraig, by Jo Zebedee

First of Their Kind, by C. D. Tavenor

Mercuryville, by Tara Summerville

Inquisitor, by Mitchell Hogan

Political Nightmare, by Rainbow Macabre

Pulse, by B. A. Bellec

Rim City Blues, by Elliott Scott

Rise of Ahrik, by Nathan W. Toronto

Road to Juneau, by Liam Quayne

Sugar Plum Tea, by Sinnamon Carnelian

The Diamond Device, by M. H. Thuang

The Ceph: Reborn, by Matthew Poehler

The Emerald Princess, by J. D. Richards

The Cult Shadow, by Peter Lamb

The Empyrean, by Katherine Franklin

Unknown Horizons, by Casey White

And that’s your lot. At Boundary’s Edge will be using the same slush pile system as last year. For those who don’t know what that means, it’s fairly simple. We will each read approximately 20% of a book before voting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on continuing. A book that receives more positive reactions than negative will enter the quarterfinals, where it will be read to completion by the team ad given a rating out of 10. The three highest scoring books will then become semi-finalists, and be passed to other teams for further judging.

I’ll be keeping you up to date with both my personal reading of the competition, as well as any team updates, as we go along. So stay tuned to At Boundary’s Edge for more SPSFC goodness as we tuck in to our banquet of self published science fiction.

3 responses to “SPSFC2 At Boundary’s Edge: Meet the Contestants”

  1. Lecari Avatar

    So excited to see that The Empyrean is in the competition this year – I really enjoyed it!


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