Two months down and I’m slowly starting to feel like a blogger again. Last month I actually managed to enjoy some books for a change, and I’m hopeful that March will be even better. I’m still on the hunt for my first five-star read of the year.


As has become tradition, I’ll be celebrating all things Warhammer 40,000 this month with my WarhamMarch content. The backbone of this will be reading the block of Black Library novels I’ve been saving since last year. This block consists of five rather chunky hardbacks (with a distinct possibility that the number will be added to over the course of the month). Those hardbacks are Renegades: Harrowmaster, by Mike Brooks, Void King, by Marc Collins, Outgunned, by Denny Flowers, Wrath of the Lost, by Chris Forrester, and Awakenings, by George Mann.

With other things going on during the month, I’m keeping the rest of my TBR quite light for March. I’d like to read Mark L. van Name’s Jump Gate Twist to clear up a leftover from last month, and Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Children of Memory is on the schedule as well. These will essentially clear out all non tie-in literature from my TBR (Christopher Ruocchio’s Ashes of Man will remain boxed until I have the time to properly commit myself).

That’s a shorter schedule than I usually go for. Partly because I’ve had two months of slim pickings already this year, and partly because I’m leaving space for any new Black Library purchases.


WarhamMarch isn’t just limited to book reviews. For this year’s celebration, I’m determined to get some more articles out. I’m toying with the idea of a world cup of factions, though what form that takes I don’t actually know. More solidly, I’m going to do a throwback post to all the Warhammer books I read before blogging, and those that I, for one reason or another, never got around to reviewing.

Outside of the blog, I’m getting excited for a nerdy little holiday in the middle of the month. As well as some sightseeing (and the all important bookshopping) I’ll be at Sci Fi Weekender XIV in Great Yarmouth. If you’re there too, feel free to say hi.


1st – Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Season 3 (weekly release)

The flagship of the current Star Wars era returns, and hopefully brings more bounty hunting and misadventures to the fringes of the galaxy. I have a feeling they’ll be diving deep into Mandalorian lore, which should be interesting. Hopefully they’ll manage to keep the Jedi far from this one though.

7th – Star Wars: Jedi: Battle Scars, by Sam Maggs

Speaking of Jedi, this bridge between the two Jedi games looks pretty interesting. I’m unfamiliar with Maggs’ work, but I’ll give just about everything Star Wars a chance.

13th – And Put Childish Things Away, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

I’m keeping myself in the dark about Tchaikovsky’s latest novella, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for some solid SF thinking from a man rapidly establishing himself as a modern master of the genre.

As usual, Black Library are close-lipped about release dates, but given prior information, there’s a good chance that either Jude Reid’s Creed: Ashes of Cadia or Justin D Hill’s Pilgrims of Fire will see publication this month.

3 responses to “TBR & BEYOND: March 2023”

  1. Bookstooge Avatar

    Have you read Tchaikovsky’s shadows of the apt series? Good stuff if you haven’t.

    Have fun at the con!


    1. Alex Hormann Avatar

      I have indeed. One of my favourite fantasy series. To be honest, I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything he’s written, and even The Doors of Eden and Bear Head have some good stuff in them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Bookstooge Avatar

        Then I salute you, sir, as the bigger fan 😉
        May he continue to not disappoint you….


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