One of the dubious joys of being a Warhammer 40,000 fan is trying to keep track of their release schedule. Black Library like holding their cards close to their chest when it comes to specific dates. Books go up for pre-order a week before general sale, and frequently sell out in a matter of minutes. They also have a habit of teasing books months ahead of time, and then not mentioning them until the pre-order window opens up. This can make it highly infuriating for collectors, though the proliferation of digital and audiobook alternatives does somewhat assuage that.

To help you prepare for the arrival of new books, I’ve gathered together a list of all the upcoming Black Library releases that I’ve got my eye on. There are a couple that aren’t here. John French’s Cypher: Lord of the Fallen is scheduled for July, and a handful of Space Marine omnibuses are set to hit shelves this year. I’m sure those will be good books, but they’re not what I’m interested in. So take this incomplete list with a grain of salt.

As well as the books with confirmed releases, I’ve also included a handful of books that aren’t confirmed for this year, but that I expect to see. There are a batch of books that I hope to see at some point this year too, but have no evidence for the existence of.


Angron: the Red Angel, by David Guymer

This is one that I missed when it released earlier this year. Like a lot of hardback releases, it was sold out before I had a chance to buy it. I’m probably going to get the audio at some point, but I’m including it on this list as there’s a good chance that the paperback edition will be released before the end of the year.


Warhammer Crime: Melita Vordnova #1: The King of the Spoil, by Jonathan D. Beer

Another new detective enters the murky world of Varangantua with Beer’s debut novel. The cover makes me think this one will have a cyberpunk feel, which is always an interesting angle for a Warhammer book to take. It’s currently scheduled for release in June, as per the Coming Soon to Black Library page.

Longshot, by Rob Young

Another Black Library debut, this one fits firmly into the Astra Militarum ‘series’ of novels. I’m intrigued by its promise of a sniper as the main character, not least because its the role I usually end up playing in computer games. This one has a release date of 15th August, according to the Simon & Schuster website.


Warhammer Crime: Once A Killer, by various authors

A new Warhammer Crime anthology is always something to celebrate, and while there is no set release date for this one, it was announced alongside King of the Spoil, so I’d expect it to reach shelves around the same time, or shortly thereafter.

Leviathan, by Darius Hinks

This is the tie-in novel to the main narrative of the next version of Warhammer 40,000, connecting with a box-set of the same name. Again, there’s no set release date, but it is almost certain to coincide with the launch of the latest edition of the game, which is projected to hit stores in the summer.

Minka Lesk #3: Shadow of the Eighth, by Justin D Hill

This one has to be one of my most anticipated novels of the year. Traitor Rock is a hard act to follow, but if anyone can do it, it’s Justin D Hill. There’s no release date for this one, but with the Minka Lesk omnibus releasing in mid-August (as per Simon & Schuster) I’d expect the latest novel to be released alongside. As there is also a Minka Lesk miniature on the way, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these books take centre stage at some sort of event or online celebration.

Creed: Ashes of Cadia, by Jude Reid

I expect this one to be the next big character novel after Cypher, so possibly hitting shelves from August onwards. As a big fan of the Cadians, I’m interested to see what Reid does with the ruins of their homeworld. I’ve been impressed by her short fiction, so have high hopes for her full-length debut.


Bequin #3: Pandaemonium, by Dan Abnett

The much-rumoured conclusion to the arc that began with Xenos all those years ago, I don’t expect to see this one anytime soon, as Abnett has clearly been busy with the conclusion of the Horus Heresy. Nevertheless, there’s always a possibility we see it towards the end of the year.

Double Eagle #2: Interceptor City, by Dan Abnett

As per the above, but with the caveat that this would likely be a simpler book than Pandaemonium, and thus easier to fit in around the writing of The End and the Death.

Adepta Sororitas series #2-6, by unknown authors

The first book in this series (Pilgrims of Fire) was released earlier this month, so there’s a good chance that we’ll get a second book before Christmas. If nothing else, I would expect an announcement about who will be writing the next book, alongside a title and cover reveal.


Ghost Dossier #2, by Dan Abnett

The Vincula Conspiracy basically came out of nowhere, so there’s every chance the follow-up does too. This could well be the crazily expensive deluxe edition at Christmas if it does release this year.

Black Legion #3, by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

It’s been a long time since Black Legion was published, and Dembski-Bowden recently returned to the scene with Echoes of Eternity, so I have to imagine this will be the next book of his to see print. It’s one of the more famous ongoing series, so wrapping it up could well be on the cards for 2023.

Non-Abnett Sabbat Worlds, by unknown authors

It’s been a while since Volpone Glory and Urdesh were released, so I’m surprised to see that Black Library’s bid to make the Sabbat Worlds a shared-universe have sputtered out. Assuming they haven’t changed their plans, I’d expect to see some form of announcement this year, especially with the Horus Heresy in the rear-view mirror

Warhammer Horror, by unknown authors

Curiously, it’s been a while since we saw any development on the Horror front. The last major release was an omnibus of four prior novels, with nothing since. While the Horror range has always struggled to have a sense of identity, I’d be surprised to see it disappear completely. Hopefully, there’ll be a confirmation of more books soon, and at least one more book before the end of the year.

Inferno! Presents #3, by various unknown authors

These themes anthologies have been strong so far, and having them release one a year (just like the anthologies of old) wouldn’t surprise me at all. Since we’ve already had an Inquisition and Imperial book, I’d expect the next to be either Chaos or Xenos, but Sisters of Battle also have a strong chance to coincide with other releases.

Warhammer Crime Sequels, by various authors

So far, only Alec Worley’s Baggit and Clodde have had more than one outing in the Crime range. With a case-by-case narrative, there’s ample chance for others to make a comeback. I’d be particularly keen on a second Noctis and Lux mystery, but it’s definitely a surprise to see each enforcer only get the one novel.

And there you have it, a snapshot of books that are (or might be) coming your way form Black Library this year. As always, if you think I’ve missed something, or you’d like to know more, feel free to get in touch.

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