BOOK REVIEW: Vagabonds, by Hao Jingfang

Translator: Ken Liu Publisher: Head of Zeus Genre: Social SF Pages: 600 Publication Date: 14/04/2020 (this translation) Rating: 5/5 Earth and Mars. Two planets with a shared history, but very different visions of the future. Returning from an exchange trip to Earth, a group of Martian students comes home. The world they left has changed,Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Vagabonds, by Hao Jingfang”

BOOK REVIEW: Forward the Foundation, by Isaac Asimov

-spoilers for the entire Foundation universe- Publisher: Doubleday Genre: Social SF Series: Foundation Prequels (#2) Pages: 416 Publication Date: 1993 Verdict: 4/5 Hari Seldon works tirelessly on his psychohistory project. But even as governments come and go, and the Galactic Empire slowly breaks apart around him, the greatest threat may yet be time. Time, andContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Forward the Foundation, by Isaac Asimov”

BOOK REVIEW: The Supernova Era, by Cixin Liu

Translator: Joel Martinsen Publisher: Head of Zeus Genre: Social SF Pages: 442 Publication Date: 22/10/2019 (this translation) Rating: 5/5 Eight light years away, a star has gone supernova. The radiation burns across the Earth, giving every human being a lethal dose. Every human, that is, over the age of thirteen. It is these children whoContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Supernova Era, by Cixin Liu”

BOOK REVIEW: Nemesis, by Isaac Asimov

-Spoilers for the entire Foundation universe- Publisher: Guild Publishing Genre: Tomorrow Fiction/Social SF Pages: 364 Publication Date: 1989 Rating: 4/5 Nemesis. The twin star to our own sun, now on a collision course with the Earth. With the apocalypse looming, humanity must search out a new home. But the Galaxy is still beyond our reach, andContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Nemesis, by Isaac Asimov”

BOOK REVIEW: Shadow And Claw, by Gene Wolfe

Publisher: Gollancz Series: The Book of the New Sun (#1-2) Genre: Science Fantasy Pages: 597 Publication Date: 2011 Verdict: 3/5   Severian is a torturer by trade, but that is not his nature. Exiled from his guild, he finds himself cast out into the strange landscape beyond the city he once called home . .Continue reading “BOOK REVIEW: Shadow And Claw, by Gene Wolfe”

BOOK REVIEW: The Lost Puzzler, by Eyal Kless

Publisher: Harper Voyager Series: Standalone Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Pages: 514 Verdict: 5/5   In the ruins of an ancient civilisation, humanity clings to survival. Rafik is a Puzzler – one of the few born with an innate ability to operate the mysterious technologies of the lost world. But in his remote, deeply religious village, this makesContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: The Lost Puzzler, by Eyal Kless”